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How tolerant are we in 2010?

Regular readers of this blog may have gathered that I’m not a great enthusiast for alternative life-styles.  I believe that there are profound reasons, based on millennia of human culture, on custom and practice over many generations, and indeed on … Continue reading

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The Derby Two: The Agony Continues

I’ve just attended the appeal hearing in Riga, Latvia, for the Derby Two.  That’s the Prosecutor’s appeal against their acquittal last year.  Not, apparently, a case of double jeopardy, but it certainly feels like it. The story so far: (readers … Continue reading

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50% Tax Band: a Qualified Welcome for Cameron’s comments

I was delighted to hear David Cameron say that he’d look again at the proposed 50% Income Tax band.  Indeed this morning I Tweeted “Cameron is right to review the proposed 50% income tax band. It won’t raise revenue. It … Continue reading

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BBC bias is outrageous

OK.  So you knew that already.  But let me give you my latest example.   This morning I was driving over to the Brigstock horse trials (I’m a sponsor), when I put on the radio and heard Radio Four’s “From … Continue reading

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Climate: A Counter-Consensus Emerges

I’ve just returned from the Heartland Institute’s Fourth Annual Climate Conference, at the Marriott Hotel in Chicago, where something very interesting was emerging: a clear counter-consensus on climate change.  Of 700+ delegates, 400 or so were scientists in relevant disciplines … Continue reading

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Spanish Property Scandal

I was recently interviewed on this issue by ITV.  See the full interview here

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US TV Commercials are very strange!

Insomnia strikes again.  In Chicago, I found myself watching TV at some odd times, and of course it’s over-populated with commercials.  But I was struck by how different the ads are from UK TV commercials. We expect to see ads … Continue reading

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