Spanish Property Scandal

I was recently interviewed on this issue by ITV.  See the full interview here

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2 Responses to Spanish Property Scandal

  1. Margaret says:

    Thank you Mr Hemer;
    We apreciate what you are doing for the affected by the Spanish Coastal Law. The last statement of the governement of Spain (three days ago) regarding this law was that there is no intention to change it at all. On the contrary they spect to complete the “deslinde” of the whole Spanish coast this year meaning more people will be affected by it. If no action is taken about this “sickening law” I forsee a bleack future for many people. we don’t want to lose faith in the European Institutions but we believe it is about time that the Comission takes matters into their hands. One year without any answer from the Spanish governement to the Auken Report shows disrespect for the European Institution and specially how little they care for the European Parliament resolutions.

  2. Thanks Margaret. I’m afraid I never lost faith in the European Institutions, because I never had any in the first place. But we will keep doing what we can (I’m on regional BBC TV on the issue tomorrow). But I’m really sorry I can’t do more.

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