European Obesity Day? Nul points!

I mentioned in a recent blog post that I am generally reluctant to sign Written Declarations in the parliament.  They usually call for new action “at the European level”; they raise unrealistic expectations, and they mostly achieve very little.  So you can well imagine that I was not best impressed to receive a series of spam e-mails urging MEPs to sign a WD calling for a European Obesity Day.

Of course I recognise that the obesity problem has a public health aspect, and that the financial consequences of obesity typically become a charge on the public purse.  So I have no problem if national health authorities offer slimming advice, or even treatment, to those who ask for it.  But this is an area of personal lifestyle choices.  It is a matter of individual liberty, and the State should tread circumspectly, or not at all, in such areas.

So we don’t need the Nanny State, strident and hectoring, telling us what and how much we can eat.  And surely it is enough that the European Institutions live off the fat of the land, without their fulminating against the Fat of France, or the Epicures of England, the Gourmands of Greece or the Bellies of Brussels.  After all the deep-fried Mars Bar is a Scottish cultural icon, worthy of protection alongside Parma Ham and Stilton Cheese.

So eventually I was moved to respond to these e-mails, although, aware of concerns in the parliament about spam, I replied only to the Originator, not to everyone.  And in an attempt at gentle irony, I wrote: “Great idea!  And how about a European In-Growing Toe-Nails Day?  Or a European day of Dandruff Prevention?” And in a po-faced response, the guy replied (to all in the parliament, not just to me) “Well we’ll see if anyone else finds this funny”.  I was delighted.  My attempt at humour reached the widest audience, without my attracting the opprobrium for spamming.

And a number of recipients did indeed find it funny.  The debate was best summed up by one respondent, who wrote: “Fat lot of good that’ll do!”.

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5 Responses to European Obesity Day? Nul points!

  1. Chris P says:

    European Obesity day? I thought you might have had some thoughts on Global wind day, or possibly UK wind week, that we have been celebrating all week? ….

    Saturday the 12th of June kicked off Uk ‘Wind week’. With local wind speeds in this area at 8mph (BBC feeds.) Wind turbine ‘cut in’ speeds are usually about 6-10mph. Full capacity ratings achieved in the region of 30mph of 2MW per turbine Sunday 13th and NETA operational grid energy returns are recording 0.2% for the whole of Great Britain’s wind fleet.
    Monday 14th and NETA is still recording 0.2% for wind (‘currant’ 86MW out of a total of 38,000 plus MW from all providers) and millionaire Chris Huhne minister for energy and ‘climate change’, gives a talk to video, at Leicester squire. Standing proudly in front of a small demonstration wind turbine (not working throughout the video, due to the low wind speeds) He informs us that we can supply all of our homes from wind power, and have energy left over for export. He also says that it is a ‘myth’ that wind turbines are noisy, and the one he has on his home at Eastley does not make any noise. (He does not say whether he has any wind turbines on his other 6 homes.) He does not mention any of the many independent reports that suggest the large industrial wind turbines do, in fact, make noise (The UK noise association for instance, that recommend 1 mile should be the minimum distance between large industrial wind turbines and peoples homes.) It is also (he says) a myth that they mash up birds. (Possibly this might be worth checking?)

    Tuesday 15th (global wind day) NETA figures for wind drop to 0.0% (9MW) for the whole of GB! The UK currently has approx. 2,896 wind turbines name plate rated in the region of 4500MW. Built at great expense. Wind currently receives indirect subsidy through the ROC (renewable obligation certificate system) which impacts on everyone’s electricity bills.

    Wednesday 16th and wind figures for NETA are up to 0.1% for GB.

    Thursday 17th wind is up to 0.4% (147MW) for GB

    Friday 18th down to 0.3% (133MW) for GB

    Gas coal and Nuclear continue to run the country throughout, with gas averaging between 49%-55% of needs, (in the region of 19,000MW). The regional gas power station at spalding capable of a steady 860 MW on its own. (Britain still falls much behind Europe and the US in gas storage facilities.)

    Saturday 19th Lord Adair Turner Chairman of the committee on climate change, sees a need to call for expensive carbon capture and storage on all gas, and rules out new conventional gas fired power stations after 2020

    Is it possible that Chris Huhnes hopes and thoughts on ‘big wind’ which will have such a physical impact on Lincolnshire, and all of us through our electricity bills and electricity supply, might be incorrect in any way? Are David Cameron or Nick Cleggs interests in wind based on the best available facts only…… We can only hope so.

    • Roger Helmer says:

      I have frequent thoughts on wind power — but I am allowed to comment on other issues too! Meantime: “Wind power may be free. But it’s sure as hell not cheap”.

  2. Yorkshireman says:

    How about an European anti-Flatulence day, Roger ?

    There’s far too much excessive “wind” emanating from the EU Commission. The EU Commission’s legislative and verbal flatulence certainly needs capping.

  3. Hellodave says:

    It’s true. Obesity is an alarming problem that is rapidly growing out of control. However, singapore have successfully countered child hood obesity and prehaps they should be used as an example. See more here:

  4. Magic Roundabout says:

    Congratulations, Roger; the depths of your ignorance clearly know no bounds.

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