What is wrong with wind power

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3 Responses to What is wrong with wind power

  1. fenbeagle says:

    Well said, Mr Helmer.

  2. Graham says:

    They are actually counter-productive in all respects. I resent the “carbon-neutral” merchants refering to them as “green”

  3. Hugh Davis says:

    For those interested in reading further on the worthlessness of windpower for electricity generation, may I heartily recommend “The Wind Farm Scam” (Independent Minds) by John Etherington.

    This wonderful and meticulously researched book totally demolishes every argument that has ever been put in defense of wind farms. When you have read it, send your copy to the dangerous ignoramus and adulterer Chris Huhne; perhaps if he receives several hundred copies he might eventually feel compelled to look inside one of them.

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