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Why France, and Philip Hollobone, are right on the Burka Ban

Damian Green thinks a ban on the burka (burqa) would be “un-British”.  Maybe he should reflect that the burka itself is rather un-British to start with. As an instinctive libertarian, I must admit that my first thought was to oppose … Continue reading

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Time for Obama to back off on BP

The United States needs BP.  It needs BP’s expertise in the on-going effort to cap the leak in the Gulf – and to keep it capped.  It needs BP’s money and expertise to sustain the very expensive clean-up operation that … Continue reading

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Climate Change: The books keep coming!

Back in October 2009, I blogged about John Etherington’s book “The Wind Farm Scam, foreword by Christopher Booker, blurb by David Bellamy.  It’s an excellent dissection of the folly of wind power, and I strongly recommend it. It seems that … Continue reading

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