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Trouble at the Telegraph

 Once upon a time, the Daily Telegraph was practically the house journal of the Conservative Party.  Today, many Conservatives have sworn never to touch it again.  The reason?  Its over-the-top coverage of the expenses scandal.  Few would disagree that to … Continue reading

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It’s the political biography season

We’ve seen the first big post-election political autobiography.  The Prince of Darkness himself.  Peter Mandelson.  He’s entitled it “The Third Man”.  Not to be confused, of course, with Paul Routledge’s unauthorised biography, “Mandy”.  Apparently it caused great disquiet amongst his … Continue reading

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Holiday Reminiscences

I’ve just returned from a few days in the West Country, and I’ve seen what I believe to be the greatest work of art I’ve ever been privileged to stand in awe of.  Move over, Michelangelo’s David and Beethoven’s Ninth.  … Continue reading

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Education Policy: A Step Too Far

Caveat: I wrote the following piece based on a report in today’s Daily Telegraph.  I have since spoken to Michael Gove’s office, and was delighted to hear that Michael does not in fact propose to impose “fair banding” on schools.  … Continue reading

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Pre-empted by a professional!

I had been planning to write a blog piece challenging the socialist assumption (espoused also by our Lib-Dem coalition partners like Clegg and Cable) that all children are created equal, and therefore that any bias in the university admission system … Continue reading

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The War on Drugs: Will we ever Win?

A couple of recent news stories.  Professor Sir Ian Gilmore, the outgoing President of the Royal College of Physicians, has urged the government to legalise both cannabis and hard drugs, arguing (counter-intuitively) that this would reduce harm, and reduce the … Continue reading

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The great solar power scam – and you pay for it!

Imagine an A-level economics question: “What the UK is doing is the most expensive way of making emissions reductions”.  Discuss. So let’s discuss it. More than ten years ago, I got a quote on a solar powered photovoltaic (PV) installation … Continue reading

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