Sign the Pledge for an EU Referendum

It is preposterous that the Coalition is seeking to set up a referendum on proportional representation, which no one but a few Lib-Dem anoraks actually want, yet it is refusing a referendum on EU membership, which large numbers of people want passionately.
In the UK, opinion polls now suggest that an EU referendum might well deliver an “Out” vote, while across the EU, the Commission’s own Eurobarometer survey shows that only 42% of citizens — less than half — believe that EU membership is a good thing.  We last had a referendum on the EU in 1975, so you’d need to be over 55 today to have been able to vote in it.  It’s time for a new look at this most fundamental question of how Britain is governed, and whether we want to be an independent, democratic nation or not.
The EU Apparatchiks haven’t given up.  Britain seems to have accepted EU financial regulatory supervision, which threatens huge damage to the City of London.  Plus EU pre-vetting of national budgets.  There is growing pressure for the end of the British rebate, and for direct EU taxes.  The EU is flexing its muscles on the international stage, with a huge new diplomatic service — the EU External Action service, or EEAS.
It’s no good saying that we won’t accept an EU superstate — we’ve got one, and the only way out is to get out.  We’ve been talking about European reform for thirty-five years, while we sink deeper into the quicksand.
So thank heavens for my good friend and colleague Dan Hannan, who today launches a national campaign for an EU referendum.  Read his blog at, and visit the campaign web-site at  Above all, please sign the Referendum Pledge!  And get your friends and relatives and associates to sign too.  Tweet it to your followers.  If you’re involved in an organisation, put it in your newsletter.
Let’s strike a blow for Freedom, Democracy and Independence, for a Britain that rules itself, where our votes count for something.

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9 Responses to Sign the Pledge for an EU Referendum

  1. Malcolm Edward says:

    From protesting that the Lisbon Treaty gave too much power to Brussels the Conservative leadership has quickly changed sides and it now accepts EU policies and dictats as the Labour Party did.
    Again you make an absolutely pertinent argument in support of our sovereignty and self determination.
    How is it that the leadership of the Con Lib and Lab parties is dominated by people who wish to subordinate this country to the EU – it doesn’t seem sensible to me that people should really wish to be governed by parties that act in ways that weaken their own nation.

  2. Harry Taylor says:

    How do we register a vote on the EU memnbership campaign? Unable to access the above website.

  3. Mr. Kevin Gill says:

    If we are a democracy the I demand a referendum on the EU.

  4. Robert Axton says:

    The EU is a corrupt organisation. The UK is shafted on so many levels, financial the most obvious, but also the cause of untramelled immigration, but perhaps most insidious of all, through undermining our legal processes in the European Court of Justice. We should leave today.

  5. Harry Taylor says:

    We desperately require a referendum on EU membership. What we could do with the billions we pay, most of which is wasted. Promised by Labour & then by the Conservatives. Why are we extolling the virtues of democracy worldwide when we do not practice what we preach? What does it take for a government to heed the wishes of the people? A little of the French attitude perhaps?

  6. I signed this pledge some time ago, and with no hesitation whatsoever. If you have any doubts, just think of the yearly (and growing) cost of our country’s EU membership. I am convinced that the EU is one of the greatest threats to our country. Systematically, it is undermining our Parliament and democracy, eroding civil liberties, destroying national identity and even freedom of expression. Take a stand and sign this Referendum Pledge! “Make socialism history” – before it makes history of us!

  7. David Cox says:

    When will we see a government that has the courage to organise a referendum. I loathe those lying cheats at the EU. We are giving £5.4 billion to other countries that should be used for our own people. Also what about the countries lsuch as Canada, Australia,& New zealand who sent their young men to help our fight for freedom, only to have trade barriers put up against them when we joined the EU.
    Now we are forced to take anyone from within the EU as a resident ! We are a small island, which is incapable of obsorbing the current rate of immigration. No room for enough houses, a NHS system that is failing and the rest of the infrastructure going the same way.
    A victorian politician said ” how can anyone fail in an Island surrounded by water with good fishing & sitting on top of deposits of Coal”. Answer Join the EU and they will take it all !

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