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Cancun Climate Summit


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Heaven help us — here comes Harriet Lansley!

If there was one thing that really riled Conservatives in the dying days of the late-but-unlamented Labour administration, it was the posturing of Harriet Harman.  She managed to epitomise all that was worst about the sanctimonious, politically-correct, intrusive Labour Nanny … Continue reading

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When will Cameron catch up with the Party and the country?

On Saturday, I was invited to speak at the Glasgow University Conservative Association St. Andrews dinner, in the Bridie Library in the Students’ Union. Arriving in Glasgow around lunch-time, I was able to visit the Glasgow School of Art (Charles … Continue reading

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Daily Express calls for Britain to leave the EU

Three Cheers for the Daily Express.  Indeed three cheers and a chorus of Rule Britannia.  At long last a national newspaper has come out and said what more and more people — and more and more Conservatives — believe. Other … Continue reading

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The Cancun Climate Conference

In December, I plan to go to the Cancun Climate Conference in Mexico.  I expect it to be as much a success as Copenhagen last year — in other words, it will fail, and I want to be there to … Continue reading

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Public Forum: Climate Change

To watch me take part in a recent debate on Climate Change, click here.

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Why the British loan to Ireland is wrong, wrong, wrong

· We’re told we have to support a good trading partner.  That’s like a business making a loan to an old customer who’s gone bust, so that the customer can keep on buying.  Not a good way to run a business.  … Continue reading

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