Can we trust the Tory High Command on Europe?

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10 Responses to Can we trust the Tory High Command on Europe?

  1. Eric Worrall says:

    No, we cant trust the Tory High Command on Europe. The fact the Tory Whip for you was to support the creation of the European Diplomatic Service, and Cameron’s cave in on EU budget increases, is surely a clear signal that, regardless of his personal views, Cameron is utterly spineless when it comes to dealing with the EU in an official capacity.

    Ask yourself, which of his actions since he won office demonstrate Cameron is a Euroskeptic, and is not actually a closet Europhile?

    Roger, I deeply respect your integrity. My wife Mandy Worrall campaigned hard to have your whip re-instated when it was temporarily withdrawn a few years ago. But I believe you and your fellow Euroskeptic Tories are now clearly being contemptuously used, to help maintain the increasingly obvious sham that the Tories are a Euroskeptic party.

    Roger, my suggestion – get out while you can. In my opinion they will burn your reputation for a short term gain of a few votes without qualm or hesitation.

  2. Can we trust the Tory High Command on Europe?
    Of course we can. The extremists are not in charge.

  3. For some time, I have had concerns that the “Tory High Command” cannot be fully trusted (particularly regarding EU matters). Whatever your point of view, I think that it would be much better if the PM listened less to William Hague and Eric Pickles. Furthermore, I take the view that Pro-European Conservatives are not genuine Conservatives. Well, it could be worse. At least Labour are out of the picture, and UKIP without any prospect of forming a government. Let us also hope that Liberal Democrat views within the coalition, are mostly ignored by true Conservatives. Various elements of liberal ideology continue to damage this country.

  4. And Roger Helmer would have preferred the official Conservative candidate Nigel Hastilow to be elected. I’m proud of my opposition to that man. 1.2% he didn’t get in a marginal constituency.

  5. eric goodyer says:

    Hi Roger – I hope you are well. I am delighted with your Party and your EU election manifesto. Your election pledge to support expansion of the EU to include the Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, the rest of the Balkans and Turkey was – how shall I put it – courageous. My support for the EU is well known, but it has always been your Party (the Conservatives and YOUR MANIFESTO THAT YOU WERE ELECTED ON) that has delivered on Europe. Thank you and keep up the great work diverting anti-EU voters from genuine anti-EU parties. Last June 2009 80% of votes were cast for the EU – thank you

  6. Aha again! Collis has got his friend Eric onto the case! (It seems to be a case of “Here’s sixpence, phone a friend — OK, make that a shilling, phone both of them”!). And by the way, Eric, in my region, well over 50% voted for eurosceptic parties — or parties that sold themselves as eurosceptic.

  7. “Can we trust the Tory High Command on Europe?”

    A resounding YES! We can trust them to betray us to their masters. What’s in it for them anyway, because there’s nothing in it for us?

    They need to be tried as traitors, because that is what they are.

  8. Rubbish Stewart.

    If Tory MPs try to bring down the coalition over the EU Bill they’re just demonstrating that they’re suicidal.

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