Video on the EU budget

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3 Responses to Video on the EU budget

  1. Anne Palmer says:

    Roger, I have always voted Conservative UNTIL THIS LAST GENERAL ELECTION although I have never been in any Political Party. Why? Because I realised ALL THREE POITICAL PARTIES WANTED TO REMAIN IN THE EU. To do that, they have each had to destroy their own Nation State.

    Why they want to destroy their own nation State in particular is way beyond me and why they should choose to betray all the people that have believed in them, I have no idea. All I know is THAT NONE OF IT WILL TURN OUT AS THEY EXPECTED.

    It will however, end up in yet another war. Yes Roger, I know exactly what it is like to cower in an air-raid shelter while bombs are destroying houses, even those that we used to live in. It is to that our modern MP’s are taking us. So many died in that last war. Hardly one family was left untouched by the loss of either a close friend or relative.

    So many have dreamed of one World Government but the closer they get to it the farther away it will become out of reach. Even now cracks are beginning to show, and my work that I have been spared to do has not come into play yet. Yes, we all have a part to play. With this Video you are making a start. Thank you.

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