Public Forum: Climate Change

To watch me take part in a recent debate on Climate Change, click here.

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2 Responses to Public Forum: Climate Change

  1. Robert Darke says:

    Roger, Very illuminating and thought that the Commissioner made a lot of noise without too much content. Great material for the Europarl interviewers who were very good considering the Brussels bubble factor.
    PS. If you should meet Mr.Al Hadrami informally in Cancun please mention that his countryman Farouk Abdalhak abused our hospitality and is wanted for questioning following the rape and murder of Martine Magnussen.

  2. In talks of this nature, I know that Roger has always been impartial and kept an open mind where there has ever been any doubt about a specific subject. For example, in his leaflet “Cool Thinking on Climate Change” and accompanying DVD -he acknowledges that our planet’s climate has changed throughout history, whilst also clarifying why the scientific evidence is not all convincing. Since then, various scandals in the media have added weight to his voice and point of view. Even when accurate, some of the key statistics used by “warmists” as evidence have often been proven to be misunderstood or misrepresented. Sadly, perhaps the most worrying outcome of the absurd obsession with climate change in the media (and elsewhere), is that it has been a massive and expensive distraction from genuine issues of conservation and energy management?

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