The Cancun Climate Conference

In December, I plan to go to the Cancun Climate Conference in Mexico.  I expect it to be as much a success as Copenhagen last year — in other words, it will fail, and I want to be there to celebrate the funeral rites.  This week I am giving the following (sixty-second!) speech on Cancun in plenary in Strasbourg:

Speech 24.11.10: Climate pre-Cancun

Mr. President,

Speaking in a personal capacity, let me remind colleagues that the public have lost faith in man-made global warming.  Voters are sick of being blamed for climate change, and they’re no longer prepared to pay for it.

More and more scientists are going public to challenge the climate orthodoxy.  The credibility of the IPCC has been shot to pieces.

Recent small changes in climate are entirely consistent with well-established, long-term, natural climate cycles.

Copenhagen failed for the same reason that Cancun will fail.  The USA with its new Republican majority in the House will not buy Cap’n’Trade.  India and China will not forgo progress in the name of climate hysteria.

Our Green Policies are probably unnecessary, certainly ineffectual, and ruinously expensive.  If Europe acts alone we will destroy our economies and impoverish our grandchildren while making no impact at all on climate.

We are embracing poverty by choice in the name of a disputed scientific theory.  It’s time to change course.

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5 Responses to The Cancun Climate Conference

  1. fenbeagle says:

    A very fine speech mr Helmer. Succinct, and I think, correct.

  2. Derek says:

    Keep up your excellent work, Roger.

  3. Heather Alibakir says:

    I endorse what you say about the way we are dealing with climate change. The only way in which the present phenomena differ from those in previous millenia, is that the dinosaurs have got their heads together and still don’t know that some things are pre-ordained and cannot be averted. Best way to go is to accept that whatever we do to try and limit the outcome will be a puny effort and concentrate on what we can preserve or build in order to (hopefully) survive.
    The money being spent now should be used with these aims in mind with much of it chanelled to those people in under-developed places where they may not have the means to put any plans into action. We should also stop messing around with nature for the benefit of commercial interests.

    We need a lot more young people studying engineering and sciences in all those branches which will become vital.

  4. Ebbe says:

    Thank you for your well chosen and sound words about the coming Cancun-meeting and too for your comments in the TV debate from Brussels. It is so good to listen to a realistic voice among all climatehysterics.

  5. A very apt speech. Direct, based on the known facts and intended to present the true situation. I also agree that the Cancun Cimate Conference is likely to fail. After all, the Copenhagen effort probably did more harm than good. Old animosities between coutries were brought to the surface, tension increased and made this little more than a farce. At the end of the day, both the developing and developed world would suffer – if any “Cap and Trade” measures went ahead. Let us hope and pray, that Roger’s excellent speech makes the impact which is needed. Otherwise, “green” issues will continue to be tackled inconsistently by world governments. We should have an end to policies, which seem to be driven more by the media and perceived scientific trends. Only genuine “green” issues are of true importance. In this category, I would include energy management, protecting wildlife and preserving eco-systems. The flawed (and now outdated) concept of “climate change” should be considered a non-issue. Indeed, do we even need the IPCC anymore?

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