Daily Express calls for Britain to leave the EU

Three Cheers for the Daily Express.  Indeed three cheers and a chorus of Rule Britannia.  At long last a national newspaper has come out and said what more and more people — and more and more Conservatives — believe.

Other papers have called for less integration, more repatriation of powers, and opposition to individual EU measures, but the Express is the first to break cover and call for Britain to leave outright.  They are so obviously right.  As I have argued for years, we should be Better Off Out.  As a Conservative MEP, I am proud to give the Express campaign my backing.

I was delighted to see my old comrade-in-arms Dan Hannan featured prominently in the Express article launching the campaign.  Dan argues, based not on his own estimates but on statements from the European Commission itself, that the costs of our EU membership are five times the benefits.  And we could have the benefits without the costs if we were to leave the EU and sign a Free Trade Agreement with it.

Elsewhere Dan has said that the EU is making us poorer, and less democratic, and less free.  The EU institutions have a towering contempt for voters and for democracy.  “Did you ignorant folk vote NO in a referendum?  Well” (says the EU) “you’d better go away and vote again ’till you get the right answer”.  And for them, the only right answer is “YES”.

We’ve seen the euro in a death-spiral.  We’ve seen the swingeing austerity cuts in Greece and Ireland — far worse than anything we’re facing in the UK.  We’ve seen the excesses of the EU Diplomatic Service, and the EU Arrest Warrant, and EU financial regulation that threatens the City of London.  We’ve seen convicts given the vote at the behest of the EU.  We’ve seen a £7 billion loan from the UK to Ireland to prop up the euro.  And now we the people have had enough.  It’s time to get out.

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12 Responses to Daily Express calls for Britain to leave the EU

  1. Derek says:

    Is this the start of a real movement here to get out? I certainly hope so. Once a bandwaggon begins it will soon gather momentum and hopefully become unstoppable.

  2. How do you feel about trials for the traitors who have given away our sovereignty?

    I feel it would not only be right, but serve as a warning to future would-be traitors.

  3. dunn says:

    Is Spain already planning to dump their debts and the Euro?
    Their stringent austerity measures appear to comprise of spend, spend and spend again, almost as if there were no tomorrow.
    It´s time for Britain to take the initiative and leave the E.U. before the likes of Spain completely drain the coffers.

  4. Roger Gough says:

    Dear Roger, One comment which I haven’t heard regarding the UK loan to Ireland is as follows: A couple of enthusiasts FOR the loan on -I think- Newsnight just recently commented that one reason why the loan should be applauded is that it would earn Britain a profit when it’s paid back. If that’s the case then why don’t we borrow as much as we can at low rates, bail out Greece (and the rest of the ‘PIGS’ whilst we’re at it) and solve our own debt crisis with the profits from those borrowings. Keep up the good work, regards, RG

    • I love it. I shall start a new commercial bank which will specialise in high-interest-rate loans to bankrupt companies, and reap huge profits when the loans are repaid ….. or is there a snag somewhere in this plan?

  5. F Hugh Eveleigh says:

    I hope so too – i.e. that this, along with the EU Referendum demand, is the beginning of the roll. I about to distribute leaflets encouraging people to sign the Referendum demand so am amazed that Mr Cameron has agreed to ‘loan’ the Irish more or less the same figure to be raised from all the cuts and taxes we are about to have put upon us. It does not make sense. We are ‘loaning’ money we haven’t got and please don’t tell me that it has nothing to do with the EU!

  6. Daniel Arnott says:

    This is the catalyst those of us who love our country have been waiting for.Once
    we dispose of the EU monkey from our we can start rebuilding our country and
    create a land that we and future generations can once again be proud off.

  7. Gail Wharmby says:

    I have been saying this for years! Why has it taken so long for “Common Sense” to come to the fore? I was totally against joining the Euro, I said months before it happened that we were facing one of the worst recessions this country has ever known before it actually hit us last year and Gordon Brown apologised for not seeing it coming. I have been proved right once again. Where “Comomon Sense” prevails, then shall we see light at the end of the tunnel!! GET US OUT AND GET US OUT NOW!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Heather Alibakir says:

    Oh, how I hope that this feeling will apread like a rash. I have always been against the EU and some of what has come out of there is practically unendurable and has engendered a feeling of hopelessness.
    How can a group of people who purport to act in the interests of the member states and their people, hope to be taken seriously when they build a second seat of power which costs a fortune and is only for irregular use. Is this supposed to be their weekend/holiday home or what? Is the ceiling still falling down Roger?
    Thank you Daily Express and keep it up.

  9. At last, there is some real hope that our country will eventually leave the EU! Perhaps, this is a good point at which to praise and recognise a few of the key people and organisations who have helped to promote our cause? Without a doubt: Roger Helmer MEP, Lord Tebbit, Daniel Hannan MEP, Douglas Carswell MP, The Freedom Association, Simon Richards, Frederick Forsyth, The Bruges Group, The late Rt. Hon. Lord Weatherill DL and others. So, what’s it to be then? Is The Conservative Party leadership going to continue leading our country into the formation of a socialist (and secular) state, or start taking the necessary action – in order for us to leave the EU?

  10. David Harris says:

    I really hope the UK manages to get out of Europe and the so called silent majority become the ‘vocal majority’ !

    I believe politicians who favour Europe are very happy to except the votes that made them MP’s but disgustingly are happy to ignore the wishes of those same people !

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