When will Cameron catch up with the Party and the country?

Nov 26th: With Ross McFarlane, President of the Glasgow University Conservative Association

On Saturday, I was invited to speak at the Glasgow University Conservative Association St. Andrews dinner, in the Bridie Library in the Students’ Union.

Arriving in Glasgow around lunch-time, I was able to visit the Glasgow School of Art (Charles Rennie Mackintosh), and see their current “Glasgow Girls” exhibition.  Excellent – worth a visit.  On then to the Willows tea-rooms in Sauciehall Street, again with a strong Mackintosh theme, where I was shown around by Rachel, a well-informed waitress at the Willows.

Shortly after seven, a taxi delivered me to the Union, all done up in black tie (OK, well burgundy velvet in this case), Crombie coat and trilby hat, every lefty’s stereotype caricature of a Tory politician – and straight into the middle of a couple of dozen vociferous student protesters, chanting slogans about education cuts and “Tory Scum”.  I anticipated problems, but I had reckoned without two of Glasgow’s finest, in hi-viz tabards, who elbowed me through the riot and into the building.  I understand that a much larger force arrived soon afterwards and removed the unwashed proletariat.

The fracas on the pavement failed to deter sixty or so diners, who tucked into traditional Saint Andrews fare, Scotch broth, haggis with neeps & tatties, cranachan and port.  The group included a couple of MSPs and a host of candidates for public office.  Then it was time for me to sing for my supper, or at least propose the toast to Saint Andrew.

I have rarely met a more enthusiastic audience.  I mentioned Dan Hannan, and they burst into spontaneous applause.  I commended the Daily Express “Get Britain Out of the EU” campaign, and they cheered to the echo.  I spoke dismissively about climate hysteria, and they roared approval.

It’s worth mentioning that the Glasgow University Conservative Association, under the leadership of its President Ross MacFarlane, is no mere debating or social club.  These are serious campaigners who have been pounding the streets of Scotland on the Party’s behalf.  These are the future of the Conservative Party.  And like so many Conservatives in the East Midlands, they’ve had enough of the EU, and they want out.  They’ve also lost patience with the global warming lobby.  They don’t believe it, and they won’t pay for it.

My fear is that the Party’s high command has simply failed to notice the way the wind is blowing.  I wonder just how long David Cameron can lead us deeper into the EU, and into the battle for “climate mitigation”, before he notices that the troops aren’t following behind.  He risks becoming dangerously exposed.

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10 Responses to When will Cameron catch up with the Party and the country?

  1. Axel M says:

    Yes that may be right, “the [Conservative]Party’s high command has simply failed to notice the way the wind is blowing”. However in Scotland the Conservative party’s Gavin Brown MSP has been raising questions about Global Warming with the SNP Government, whose risible policies are crippling what remains of Scottish Industry.

    In January 2010 a shot was fired across the bows of the “Guid Ship Salmond” ….

    Conservative MSP Gavin Brown said: “Alex Salmond needs to get on with the job he is elected to do – being the First Minister of a devolved Scotland”.

    “As ever, the First Minister decided it had to be all about Alex and not the people of Scotland. Last year, he tried to use his trip to Copenhagen at the taxpayers’ expense to boost his own ego and the SNP’s falling poll ratings rather than as a serious attempt to tackle climate change.”

    Then in October 2010, Gavin Brown, now the Scottish Conservatives energy spokesman, said: “It is the SNP’s blinkered dogma which is threatening to turn out the lights across Scotland by refusing to consider continued nuclear power as part of a balanced energy mix.”

    Gavin Brown is on the Scottish Parliament’s Energy Scrutiny Committee

  2. Peter Hulme Cross says:

    “I wonder just how long David Cameron can lead us deeper into the EU, and into the battle for “climate mitigation”, before he notices that the troops aren’t following behind.”

    Quite so. Rather like President Obama was, Cameron is wrapped up in his own agenda with the real concerns of the voters the last thing on his mind. And among the group he surrounds himself with, even if somebody notices the wind is blowing in a different direction, there is nobody who will tell him.

    How did Cameron ever became leader of the Conservative Party in the first place?

  3. h3xperiment says:

    I despair for the current leadership, while genuinely wondering if I could even vote Conservative again.
    Living the the South East, I am blessed with both Farage and Hannan representing me, but I worry that in other parts of the country they are not so lucky.

    It is very heartening to know that new spark is igniting, and with it may the Conservative Party be saved from it current malaise.

    A toast to Mr Helmer & Mr McFarlane! Thank you.

  4. Already, I have the impression that a large proportion of UK citizens are very disenchanted with The Conservative Party. Sadly, it seems to be regarding the most important issues which we have been let down and betrayed. Of course, the EU disaster and damaging climate change policies are ongoing points of contention (even amongst Conservative Party members). In addition, they have failed to take sufficient genuine measures to repeal anti-Christian legislation and attitudes within this country. Furthermore, some aspects of our civil liberties are under more threat than ever before. As so often, Roger Helmer is perfectly right. Let us hope and pray, that either the current Conservative Party leadership start steering in a radically new direction, or that we have a new commander at the helm (so to speak).

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