Cancun Climate Summit

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6 Responses to Cancun Climate Summit

  1. Sean O'Hare says:

    Was there a vote at the end of this debate? How many agreed with you? Let me guess. Err How about none?

  2. Axel M says:

    It is “on the record” that what counts.

    When the history is written, there will be those on the side of truth and justice, and there will be the oppressors. Future generations will know who has spoken the truth and who has lied to gain power or financial rewards.

    It is like the old Rotten Boroughs of Olde England, all over again.

  3. Robert Darke says:

    Roger, Thank you for representing your constituency and country to the European Parliament in the correct manner unlike many who end up representing the EU to their electorate. PS Good link from fenbeagle!

  4. Dave Atherton says:

    A good point well made, did they wake up at the back?

  5. Heather Alibakir says:

    True, admirable and very brave.

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