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Hunting: Taking on the antis

On Dec 27th I attended the “Boxing Day” meet of the Fernie hunt (delayed because the 26th was a Sunday), and I wrote about it on by blog, below, partly as a celebration of a great English tradition, partly as … Continue reading

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Is the BBC slowly waking up?

And perhaps smelling the coffee?  Is it just wishful thinking on my part?  Or are they starting, just occasionally, to make sense on the great issues of the day, and to abandon their knee-jerk, Guardianista soft-left (and not-so-soft-left) stance?   … Continue reading

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Politics is the language of priorities

Former Labour Prime Minister Harold Wilson has to be good for something, even if it’s only a clichéd quotation.  I was reminded of this one by the juxtaposition of two contrasting stories earlier this week. First, we heard that the … Continue reading

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The Hunting Act: Is the Tory Party keeping the faith?

  Today Sara and I went to the Fernie Hunt Meet at Great Bowden.  This is the traditional Boxing Day event, but the Hunt doesn’t meet on a Sunday, so the event was held over until the 27th.  Great Bowden, … Continue reading

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Lots more reasons to believe in Global Warming

1. We trust the Daily Mail!   It’s telling us that Global Warming will inevitably give us colder winters in Europe.  Of course.  So silly of me!  Why didn’t I see that before?  Apparently as the Arctic ice recedes (not that … Continue reading

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O Holy Night

A couple of months back I was in Riga, Latvia, and having a spare evening I checked out the programme at Riga’s charming Opera House. They were doing Le Corsaire. I didn’t know the work, but a quick check on … Continue reading

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Is Boris a closet climate sceptic?

Last week, the inimitable Boris Johnson wrote a splendid Telegraph opinion piece on the euro, entitled “Snooty Europhiles should be forced to crawl in penitence”. It concluded: “We (the sceptics) have been vindicated, and the least they can do is … Continue reading

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