Harriet Harman’s agenda is alive and well under the Coalition

Just a few days ago, I wrote a caustic piece about “Harriet Lansley”, attacking the plethora of intrusive and nannying measures which Harriet (sorry, Andrew!) Lansley is pursuing, on cigarette packaging, on alcohol pricing, on arrangements at work for breast-feeding mothers, on vouchers for children who walk to school, and for people who want to use gyms and swimming pools.  I lamented his inability to see the proper limits of government action, and the excellent conservative principle that governments should restrict themselves to the things that only they can do, rather than interfering in every detail of our lives.

As if on cue, up pops Lynne Featherstone, described as the Lib-Dem Equalities Minister, pressing ahead with relish on Labour’s Equalities Bill, which includes positive discrimination in the workplace.  This looks set to create a field-day for aggrieved employees, troublesome union officials, and no-win-no-fee lawyers, as employers’ organisations have pointed out: http://is.gd/ibX6z.

Lansley and the coalition are wrong to interfere in the market by setting a minimum price for alcohol.  Featherstone and the Coalition are wrong to interfere in the market with detailed and intrusive employment regulation.  This is not what we expected when we voted Conservative, and campaigned for the Party.  The Coalition could, and should, have moved urgently to abolish or at least amend Labour’s bill, and to draw its teeth.

Harriet Harman must be hooting with laughter on the opposition benches as she sees her monstrous vision being nurtured and tended and brought to reality by a Party that still describes itself, against all the evidence, as “Conservative”.

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9 Responses to Harriet Harman’s agenda is alive and well under the Coalition

  1. These observations by Roger, reflect some sad truths about the modern Conservative Party. Indeed, the government continues to implement various measures – which must please both Labour and Liberal Democrats throughout the UK. And so, one has to concur with Roger’s genuine disgust at what is happening.

    This nonsense must stop. What use are “liberal” policies (or principles) which brought such damage and shame to our country, during Labour governments of the past? The UK needs to progress forwards – not backwards into socialist ways. Those of us who believe in the strengths of what Lady Thatcher stood for (in our nation’s not so distant past) – will never succumb.

  2. Roger, the time has now surely come for all those who believe in liberty, democracy and our Constitution, and by that I mean even left-wingers like Anthony Wedgwood Benn (remember he shared a platform with David Davis to denounce the 48 Day Rule), to forget their differences and concentrate on the meta issue, namely the Bonfire of the Liberties that was lit by Labour and is having petrol poured onto it by the former Tory Party.

  3. Dave Atherton says:

    Well written piece Roger. Will the real Conservatives stand up please, as this is a red rag to a bull for me. I am sick of the nanny/bully state.

  4. F Wilson says:

    Roger is spot on,the public got rid of Labour because of it’s state control over peoples lives,the Conservatives promised an end to nanny state health laws, the end of health quangos and a return to a country that would treat All people in a “fair” way. When are the conservatives going to make good their promises and treat adults like adults,the country is still waiting.

  5. Charles says:

    Has this country been taken over my the daleks? ‘You will obey’.

  6. Mary says:

    What Roger, writes is what the majority think, in this excellent piece.

    They all talk the talk when campaigning to get voted into office but that talk comes to nothing once elected, it becomes lies, lies & more lies.

    Unfortunately, and I’m not sticking up for Lansley, but he doesn’t have much choice in what he does where the ‘healthist agenda’ is concerned, it’s all mapped out via the WHO/UN. The plain packaging for cigarettes comes under EU Directive 2001/37 (I’m surprised Roger doesn’t mention this) which comes straight from the Framework Convention for Tobacco Control (WHO). The WHO should be disbanded, it no longer does what it was set up for, it’s main objective now, in partnership with several pharmaceutical companies, is to control the lifestyles of billions of people through compliant governments, and there’s been no more compliant governments than Labour & now this mess of a coailiton we’ve been saddled with. Along with the control is the money the WHO receives from big pharma, greed & control. Again I’m certain Roger, knows this but declines to mention it.

    When politicans start speaking out about corrupt, greedy organisations, the EU, WHO, UN and many others whose names are never spoken of, then I might, just might start to respect them again. But for now I have nothing but sheer contempt & hatred for them

    The Tories no longer exist, well not under Cameron, he’s nothing but a raving Europhile and supports all the agendas.

    I wasn’t fooled into voting for Blair, and I certainly wasn’t fooled into voting for Cameron, who will be finishing what Edward Heath started, the complete ruination of this country as a free & sovereign nation.

    If we want our lives back the only way to do it is take them back.

  7. Phil Williams says:

    I totally agree Roger, in fact only yesterday I made a short video on this very issue of the coalition continuing with Labours policies.

  8. Anon says:

    I notice a post which made some very truthful points has been removed. Why?

    Sorry, Mr Helmer, but after such a good article, by deleting a truthful comment you show yourself to be no different from the rest. Seems you also just talk the talk.

    I’m very disappointed because I thought you might be different. But same old, same old.

    • Anon says:

      Profound apologies, the comment I was referring to is still showing.

      I retract my statement about Mr Helmer, and I’m pleased to do so.

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