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The Guardian – a rebuttal

Some people in the media have got a bit excited about the cost of my climate campaign. Here’s a good example of this in the Guardian:-   Here is the rebuttal I posted on the website:- Thanks to the … Continue reading

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Cancun Climate Conference: Cancelled for lack of interest?

This morning was my first effective day at the Cancun Climate Conference. The formal programme started in the afternoon, but for the morning they had arranged an educational visit for us to the local Botanical Gardens, where a small piece … Continue reading

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Dispatch from Cancun

Cancun, Dec 7th. There seems to be a fine tradition of cold weather developing around the successive UN climate conferences. In Poznan in 2008 we were shuffling through the snow to get to the event. I didn’t go to Copenhagen … Continue reading

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Travelog: Havana

You would probably think it might be sufficiently unlikely that you would be sitting under the broad arcade of a Spanish Colonial Hotel in downtown Havana, Cuba, reading Tolkien’s translation of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, but that was … Continue reading

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“Green” Climate polices: probably unnecessary; certainly ineffectual; ruinously expensive

Probably unnecessary Certainly ineffectual Ruinously expensive   Our Green Climate Policies are Probably unnecessary: In 1975, serious scientists were warning of Global Cooling and the coming Ice Age. They were wrong. Today some of the same scientists are warning of … Continue reading

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The Coalition: a score-card

I have recently criticised a number of initiatives by the Coalition, so it does no harm to recall that it’s doing some things – though not everything – right.  Let’s look at a quick scorecard: Fiscal Policy: Cameron and Osborne … Continue reading

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Harriet Harman’s agenda is alive and well under the Coalition

Just a few days ago, I wrote a caustic piece about “Harriet Lansley”, attacking the plethora of intrusive and nannying measures which Harriet (sorry, Andrew!) Lansley is pursuing, on cigarette packaging, on alcohol pricing, on arrangements at work for breast-feeding … Continue reading

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Drowning postponed: Great News for Small Islands

It’s that time of year again.  Just as the cuckoo is the harbinger of Spring, so the annual alarmist announcements in November are the harbingers of the next UN Climate Conference (and frequently — and ironically — of a harsh … Continue reading

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