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Churchover fights the turbine scourge

On January 27th, despite bitter weather, around 80 protesters, plus dogs and children, gathered on the steps of Rugby Town Hall to voice their objections to plans for more wind farms around Rugby, including the proposal for Churchover.  Strictly speaking, … Continue reading

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A nation needs a narrative

And children need an intellectual hinterland, a shared infrastructure of the mind; and that should include a basic knowledge of English history.  Not some thin gruel of cod-sociology, of the kind that has been imposed on our schools by the … Continue reading

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The EU embraces post-democratic governance

As Churchill put it, “Democracy is the worst form of government we know — apart from all the others”.  But that message doesn’t seem to have got through to the EU. A year or two ago, the parliament organised a … Continue reading

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Maybe the Green NGOs aren’t always right

I’ve just returned from a lightning visit to Kuala Lumpur, in Malaysia, where I was a guest of the Malaysian Palm Oil Council (MPOC).  From 1987 to 1990 (more than twenty years ago, I’m horrified to say) I lived in … Continue reading

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Time Travel: A Rural Ride to the 1820s

I recently acquired a copy of “Rural Rides”, by William Cobbett, a radical 19th Century political activist — and farmer — who in the 1820s was writing a seditious journal called the Political Register. In his sixties, he was in … Continue reading

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UNESCO recognises falconry as a cultural icon

UNESCO, the United Nations’ Education, Scientific and Cultural Organisation, has recognised falconry — the hunting of small game with trained birds of prey — as “An Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity”.  The accolade was awarded in Nairobi last November, after … Continue reading

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A Comment from a Young Gay Man:

Dear Roger, After at first being incredibly annoyed by your comments, I have taken the time to appreciate the point you were trying to make. The key word is ‘consenting’. I am a young gay man, who has accepted what I … Continue reading

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