A Comment from a Young Gay Man:

Dear Roger,

After at first being incredibly annoyed by your comments, I have taken the time to appreciate the point you were trying to make.

The key word is ‘consenting’. I am a young gay man, who has accepted what I am. I can’t change it, it’s something I was born with. However, there are people who cannot accept their sexuality and may request medical help even though there is no chance of a change. Who are we, as gay people, to deny them this right because it goes against what we want?

I think you comments have been blown out of proportion and I honestly think the issue here is in regards to the journalist recording sessions and getting a GP struck off.  It’s disgusting and detrimental to gay rights.

(Name withheld)


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3 Responses to A Comment from a Young Gay Man:

  1. Micky says:




    and an whole lot more from one who put some of the best years of his life into changing a law which they said that a man could have sex with a girl who was 16 but that if a man wanted sex with another man then both must be 21.

    There are too many young people scared of growing up gay because people keep on saying things which are insensitive. Just stop digging that hole you’re in, please!

    • Nick says:

      How is this insensitive? Are you advocating fooling young gay people into thinking there have never been attempts to “turn” homosexuals?

      Even when a gay man writes in support of Roger Helmer you still accuse him of “digging a hole”

      I think the problem is people like you who are scared to debate and try to censor people’s opinions.

      Gay people do not need the gay rights mafia silencing “insensitive” people for them.

      One day we will rise up and cast off cultural Marxists like you!

  2. Hannes Laan says:

    Roger, thank you very much for your recent comments. I think it’s excellent that such debates should be brought into the public forum so that myths and stereotypes can be dispelled.

    As a part time libertarian and full time gay male, I vehemently support your entitlement to free speech and I’m encouraged by your open questions attempting to fill gaps in your ignorance. I do not intend this to sound sarcastic or passive aggressive, I am genuinely pleased that you have asked such questions.

    I hope you will find the following interesting and informative and that you may be prompted to further reading. I’m sure you will be inundated with emails and invitations from people who want to talk to you, but I’d like to extend my own invite, as an average man on the street, to have coffee with me to discuss these issues freely. I am free any time except tuesday mornings.

    The difference between the surgeon and the counsellor in your scenario is that the surgeon is conducting her business in accordance with guidance and training that is based on sound medical research to adress an actual medical problem. The psychotherapist helping to change a person’s sexual orientation is acting contrary her professional guidance and virtually all respected empiracle and clinical research on the matter; the overall message of which is that ‘treating’ homosexuality as a psychological disorder is likely to have extremely detrimental effects on the subject’s emotional and psychological wellbeing.

    I would suggest that virtually all lgbtq people have experienced a level of discomfort and/or confusion with their sexual orientation or gender identity particularly in childhood and adolescence and are vulnerable to being targeted by people who believe homosexuality is morally wrong, thus perpetuating the already fragile levels of self esteem and self acceptance they suffer.

    Roger, there is much more I could say on this subject but I am writing on my phone and my fingers are getting tired, so please consider my offer of a meeting and commit to speaking to others who may help you to develop empathy for lgbtq people.

    Yours sincerely,


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