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Tuition Fees: A Dog’s Breakfast

There has been much debate in the media recently about the Coalition’s position on tuition fees, and I was prompted to Tweet: “Tuition Fees? Let’s bring back State Scholarships!  I won one of the last ones in 1962”.   That … Continue reading

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Podcast on Con Lib merger

To listen to my podcast regarding the Con Lib merger click here. Subscribe to Tory Radio on Itunes to ensure you don’t miss any podcasts by following this link.

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Con-Lib-Dem Merger? Count me out!

We all understand the reasons for the Con/Lib-Dem Coalition.  Virtually no Conservative wanted it, but most of us recognised that it was the best we could do, given the electoral arithmetic.  We understood the sacrifices and the compromises, but we … Continue reading

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The EU Bill: At best condescending; at worst, contemptuous

Next week, the Commons will vote on the EU Bill — that is, the Bill we were promised to ensure that no future transfers of power from the UK to Brussels could take place without a referendum.  We were to … Continue reading

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Pipe Down, Sir Stephen! You’re wrong; Boris is right

I must confess that I had not previously heard of him (but then, he’s probably none too familiar with me either), but I have to report that Sir Stephen Bubb (sic) is a deeply confused man.  It appears that he … Continue reading

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