Roger Helmer MEP on Croatia – February 2011

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20 Responses to Roger Helmer MEP on Croatia – February 2011

  1. says:

    Dear Mr. Helmer,

    once again you hit the nail. Well done, Sir! I wish more people in the EU had the kind of understanding you have. Today’s Croatia is an anachronism in Europe and, as such, Croatia does not belong on the face of the Earth, let alone in the EU.

    • Proud Croat says:

      I would appreciate if the author of this deeply offensive and, I would dare to say, racist comment, could explain to us in what way is Croatia an anachronism in Europe.

      And as for you Mr Helmer, could you tell us all how much are your your friends in the MI5 and/or the Foreign Office paying you to undermine Croatia’s accession efforts?
      I know it must be terribly hard to watch another German ally entering EU before your chauvinst pet Serbia, a country where Seselj’s chetniks who slaughtered and butchered Croats and Muslims in Croatian and Bosnian war win 40% of votes at the general election.

      I can never trust your criticism because I know it’s not borne out of general concern for the well-being of Croatian people and the strength of Croatian democracy. Britain simply can’t stand the fact that Croatia exists. I’m sure you’d much rather like to see a Greater Serbia here ruled by your royal friends from the Karadjordjevic dynasty but we’ve denied you that pleasure.

      I know it’s hard, but you will have to live with it.

      • says:

        Dear Proud Croat, the mere fact that you and the majority of your countrymen do not understand why Croatia is (by far) not ready for the EU tells it all. Mr. Helmer stated the reasons clearly and simply and yet you can’t understand … or don’t want to understand!

    • Duke says:

      Croatia doesn’t belong on the face of the Earth? Should we nuke them or would that be too much? We could build a giant wall all around them and then fill it with water, would that be more humane?

      • ichi says:

        It was a figure of speech. Keeping Croatia in the “EU wating room” until the country is ready will do just fine.

  2. cro says:

    I am from Croatia and I completely support you. Please make all the efforts you can so we don’t join the EU before we become a modern democratic society if we ever do. Croatia is a heaven for corruption.

  3. John Doe says:

    Dear Mr. Helmer, I would like to draw your attention to the latest scandal in Croatia. Namely, what an irony, the Constitutional Court in Croatia has just rigged a public procurement of ebony office furniture for its offices.

  4. Krsto says:

    I am sure there are a lot of problems in Croatia, especially with the corruption but, if the situation were so bad there, I am puzzled why then Croatia is still ranked relatively high by the Index of Economic Freedom. It is above the world average, on the 82. place ahead of Italy and Greece (ranked 87 and 88 respectively). See Thus my only conclusion is that Mr. Helmer’s speech was somewhat biased and politically motivated and so I would not that easily discount nor discard the argumentation of the Proud Croat.

  5. krsto says:

    I wonder why my comment was removed!!! It is indeed fishy. My point was that if the things in Croatia were so bad as Mr Helmer suggested, then it is very puzzling why Croatia is ranking relatively well at the recent, 2011 Index of Economic Freedom. It is on the place 82, above the world average and above Italy and Greece (that are 87. and 88. respectively). See Thus it is clear that Mr Helmer’s judgment was biased and politically motivated and that the argumentation of the proud Croat should not be that easily rejected.

  6. Tom says:

    Dear Mr. Helmer,
    I am glad to see someone who finally understands priorities of problems in my country. High government spending, involvements in decision making in about everything, corruption and unemployment are much more important then administrative trivialities that has mostly been discussed so far. Most important benefit that Croats expect from EU is high standards in improvement of democracy. Failing to insist on it and having low expectations from Croatian government is what causes EU skepticism.

    • Tom says:

      I wish to add some more comments to my original message:
      It is generally believed that what we want from EU is money and investments which is not true. There is sound distortion, when EU says “money” we hear “debt” and when EU say “investment” we hear “acquirement of resources”. You can trust me on this: a standard of democracy is what we crave for. Failing to insist on it and having low expectations from Croatian government makes it look like EU bureaucracy may be as bad as Croatian. If so, we can be miserable within our borders just as well.

  7. Zena says:

    I am from Croatia, and I watched this video more than 10 times. There is corruption all over the world, but this what is happening here is really amazing. In Japan, the Minister resigned because of gifts in value of 600 USD. And our politicians have feeling that everything is their own property, they can take how much they need. Everything what is said in this video is 100% true, I’m ashamed of the country where I live!

  8. Vladimir Novak says:

    Congratulations for your speech on Feb.17th and also for your letter to Mrs. Kosor.
    As I can see, you are well informed about situation in Croatia. Best regardsm
    Vladimir, Zagreb

  9. sofia says:

    Mr Helmer,

    Right on… human rights violations across the board are mind boggling.
    To any doubting Thomas people out there: I would not recommend going through hell I did all thanx to deeply corrupt judiciary and the state of affairs all over the liberated territories.
    People, let us be honest: doing one thing and playing another in front of EU eyes won’t do us any good.
    Cheers from Petrinja

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