Celebrating East Midlands Cheese in Strasbourg

At a European regional cheeses promotion this week in the European parliament in Strasbourg I took the opportunity to sample two cheeses from the region — a Long Clawson Blue Stilton, and a Red Leicester, served with a glass of cider from Melksham, Somerset.

The event, which was billed as “La Ronde des Fromages d’Europe“, featured cheese from most EU member-states, but the East Midlands cheeses were a big hit.

I’ve always been a fan of our regional cheeses, and especially Blue Stilton — I was involved in the campaign to protect the traditional recipe from the food police.  I am delighted to have been there to support this important event.

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3 Responses to Celebrating East Midlands Cheese in Strasbourg

  1. It looks as if a pleasant time was had by all, at this celebration of our regional cuisine! Interestingly, has there been any coverage of this event in the East Midlands media?

  2. The release should have gone out on Friday (with a less glamorous picture!).

  3. Sam Thompson says:

    Glad you’re enjoying our cheese Roger.

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