Engaging with Welsh Culture

I had a pretty busy time at the Conservative Spring Conference in Cardiff over the weekend, but I still found time to engage with Welsh culture.  Following the TFA fringe meeting with Robert Halfon MP, a group of TFA folk set off to Cardiff Castle for the Welsh Mediaeval Banquet.  The staff there were remarkably versatile: modelling the Welsh national costume; waiting table and dealing them off the arm like troupers.  And between those tasks, they were also musicians.  The young lady in the photo has a glorious soprano voice, and we had some wonderful renditions of traditional Welsh songs.

The castle itself is extraordinary.  With a 2000 year history, it was once a Roman garrison; later a Norman stronghold.  And the Victorians transformed it into a Gothic fantasy.  It was a tower with gilded artworks on the exterior which would be the envy of many Alsatian cities.


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  1. A few interesting references to the Welsh heritage, and I’m sure that a good time was had by all. Turning to present day Wales, only time will tell – if and when the private sector will make good progress in helping to create new businesses and employment opportunities for Welsh citizens. Indeed, compared to other regions in the UK, the proportion of employees working in the public sector has been rather high in Wales. Following the staff reductions in some areas of the public sector in Wales, one wonders how those who may lose their jobs here, will meet the potential challenges of working for private enterprise?

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