A walk for breast cancer

Nonsense on Stilts: With the clowns

On March 27th I was privileged to take part in the sponsored walk in Kettering for the breast cancer charity Crazy Hats.  Hundreds walked around Wicksteed Park in Kettering to raise money for this Northamptonshire charity.  I was able to meet the President of Crazy Hats, Northampton oncologist Dr. Matthews, as well as Executive Fundraiser Glennis Hooper.

This was Crazy Hats’ ninth annual walk (although the first I’ve been on), so it’s a well-established event, and they’re looking forward to their tenth walk in 2012.  Naturally Kettering’s hard-working MP, my good friend Philip Hollobone, was there, and dressed in a striking Union Jack anorak with a matching Union Jack hat.  Very fetching.

One of the many skills which I have failed to master at any time is dancing, so I was alarmed to find myself in the line-up on the stage as they announced that an aerobics expert would lead the warm-up before the walk.  But immediately the hundreds-strong crowd, and everyone on the stage, joined in.  The best I can say is that I had a go, and didn’t embarrass myself too badly.

It’s wonderful to see so many people prepared to join in to raise funds for this very worthwhile charity.  One shouldn’t seek to make a party-political point out of it, but I couldn’t help wondering if this is the kind of thing that David Cameron has in mind when he speaks of his “Big Society”.


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2 Responses to A walk for breast cancer

  1. Personally, I think that the “Big Society” could and should involve even more than this. The various charities should work far more in harmony with one another, and not just when they think that some extra publicity might be available. They could share more resources (not just money), exchange staff when appropriate (e.g. for particularly big events or specialist work) and even ideas. Of course, many (if not all) would claim that this is already happening. In reality, I believe that considerably more could be achieved by using these principles? Last, but not least, a sincere and hearty “well done!” to Roger Helmer MEP and all of the other participants – who too part (or helped in some other way) with the “walk for breast cancer”, as described in this post!

  2. Last year we celebrated crazy dress up day. One of my colleague came with same crazy hat. it is quite funny. It is good that I found information from you on this hat. thanks

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