Village Life: the Rural Idyll

On March 20th, I blogged about our friendly neighbourhood wind-farm, and published a photograph taken in the main street of Gilmorton, Leicestershire, showing a partially completed turbine towering over the village.  And I expressed my relief that although close by, the turbines were not visible from my own village.

Sadly, I had not reckoned with the fourth turbine, now in place.  As you see in the picture, it towers over my village, viewed down the Gilmorton Road, just as badly as the (different) one seen from Gilmorton.  And the road provides a direct route to funnel the infra-sound into the heart of the village.  (The turbines are not yet commissioned, so we have not yet experienced the sound).  Thankfully the turbines are still not visible from my own house, but they create visual intrusion for many homes, and for all those with a southerly aspect.

And a Gilmorton up-date: where one unfinished turbine was visible in my March 20th photo, there are now two completed turbines with a direct sight-line through Main Street.


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4 Responses to Village Life: the Rural Idyll

  1. Peter Hulme Cross says:

    It astonishes me how close these awful things are to the village and how big they are. How can they be granted Planning Permission??

    Nor are they safe. Have a look at this table of ‘accidents’ from this link…

  2. Sue says:

    Wind farms are a failure!

    The British Government should learn from the Spanish experience. The mountains here were beautiful before they were littered with turbines.

    Turbines are also very dangerous in close proximity to people. Just put a search in for “wind turbine accidents” and you will see countless youtube videos of the things exploding and flying off randomly!

    Attached to this page is the official report (in English). The Spanish have come to the conclusion that they are a total waste of money.

    I’d rather live with nuclear. It’s clean, efficient and safe, as long as you don’t put it in an earthquake zone of course 🙂

  3. Lesley Gill says:

    I have just returned from Gilmorton & feel physically sick! Nothing can prepare you for the sight of these things ‘in the flesh’ – the measurements and photographs do not give a true picture.
    I live about 1km from proposed wind turbines at Desford-Peckleton. Low Spinney turbines are actually visible from the A47 junction at Desford crossroads!!!!!
    I DO understand the need for renewable energy but WHY do they have to be so close to peoples homes?
    My heart goes out to the residents affected in the Gilmorton area.

  4. Hugh Davis says:

    The five claims most often put forward in defence of windfarms have been shown to be complete lies in a new report by Stuart Young Consulting for the John Muir Trust. See
    The report shows all too clearly that if the gap in UK generating capacity following scheduled power station closures is to be filled by wind turbines then we are doomed to suffer from frequent and lengthy power cuts during the coldest days of winter. Chris Huhne will be personally responsible for thousands of premature deaths of the elderly from hypothermia.
    Regarding Sue’s comment about the Spanish experience, I drove across central Spain from North to South two years ago, and can confirm that the once beautiful landscape has been totally blighted by monstrous wind turbines on every hilltop and mountain ridge. I advise any would-be tourists to avoid the area like poison (just as tourists are steering well clear of parts of mid-Wales for the same reason).

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