Visual Intrusion

Another photo of a Low Spinney wind turbine, with my home village in front of it.

I have had a couple of criticisms of an earlier photo.  I was accused of using “a telephoto lens” to give a false impression of size.  I invite anyone who takes this view to come and see for themselves.

But I don’t in fact own a telephoto lens.  I have a rather ordinary, run-of-the-mill, non-SLR Olympus camera from Comet, with an optical zoom feature.  I think that the earlier pictures, and this one, give a pretty fair impression of the relative sizes of homes and turbines — and bear in mind that in each case, the turbines are on the far side of the houses.

In any case, I make no apology for using the optical zoom to photograph a subject over a mile away.  That’s what it’s for, after all.


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2 Responses to Visual Intrusion

  1. fenbeagle says:

    The thee dimensional reality, in my ‘view’, always has more impact than a photographic lens. Particularly if the turbine blades are turning.And are lit up in all their ‘glory’in full sun. Unlike the one here.
    The apologists for these follies will never be able to diminish the impact of structures so huge.
    ….Although they still try.
    It is, I think, a scandal.

    They will often not turn though, if its any consolation.

  2. David W says:


    More than onece I’ve had the displeasure of passing through the wind turbine gauntlet on Interstate 10, west of Los Angeles.

    When I was a child, the landscape here was far less cluttered with the intrusion of the inevitable suburbanites, but their presence isn’t nearly as obnoxious and disturbing as those turbines! From the mountain tops all around, for hundreds of miles, they are a distracting menace. There are hundreds to thousands of those monsters spinning away at any given moment. Give me hydro, give me nuclear, give me coals gasification, but to heck with those darn fans!

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