Greetings on Saint George’s Day!

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3 Responses to Greetings on Saint George’s Day!

  1. leosco says:

    And a verry Pleasant St Georges Day to you also.

    St George the patron saint of England,a Brave Roman Centurian who gave his life in the service of Christianity and who symbolises the virtuous qualities of courage, herosim,determination and a belief in doing the right thing what ever the cost.
    Rather English was’nt He!

  2. Heather Alibakir says:

    Thank you:how lovely. I do feel that we need to promote patriotism and raise the pride of the populace in this country. There is a lot of weariness and lack of spirit around.

    My own greetings in return

    Heather Alibakir

  3. steve says:

    Too early, Mr Helmer: with the 23rd falling on Holy Saturday this year, the Feast has to be transferred to 2 May. Still, nothing wrong with a double celebration and having a proper reason for 2 May to be a Bank Holiday (besides my birthday on 30th), is there?

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