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An appeal for Asia Bibi

Asia Bibi is a Pakistani Christian woman who has been convicted of blasphemy against the Prophet, under Pakistan’s notorious blasphemy laws.   Recently a Pakistani government minster Shahbaz Bhatti, a Muslim who had called for reform of the blasphemy laws, was … Continue reading

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Climate Scare is Over

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Cuts? What cuts? Isn’t spending going up?

There is a curious paradox on the economic front, which has been mentioned several times in the media (not least by Simon Heffer), but which is, it seems to me, little understood.  We know about the cuts.  Councils are making … Continue reading

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Petitions Committee, discussion on Spanish Property

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The euro: Kicking the can down the road

The Americans have some charming and resonant expressions.  Apparently “kicking the can down the road” means providing a temporary fix for a problem, in the knowledge (or perhaps in blissful ignorance) that the problem is merely postponed, not solved.  Walk … Continue reading

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A scandal that won’t go away

So often I come across problems in Europe which (as I like to say) “No one can explain; no one can justify; and no one can resolve”.  Things like the “Travelling Circus” between Brux & Straz, or the Common Fisheries … Continue reading

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Meeting the main man of Areva’s wind energy programme

The hot news in off-shore wind power a couple of years back was the decision of Shell to pull out of the Cirrus off-shore wind array proposed for the North West.  Checking my facts, I Googled “abandoned off-shore wind projects”, … Continue reading

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