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Labour intimidation in Derby

Elections are often tense, fraught and somewhat hectic, but in Derby yesterday problems of a rather worrying sort arose.  My Press Officer Neelam Cartmell stood as a Conservative candidate in the Abbey ward of Derby City, and came across problems … Continue reading

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Why the Lib-Dems got hammered

The media are wrestling with the conundrum that resentment against the Coalition was almost wholly focussed on the Lib-Dems, when arguably the Conservatives bore more responsibility.  The debate has become ever more convoluted and further from the point. Actually it’s … Continue reading

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Bribed with our own money

“They give us back a little of our own money; they tell us what to do with it; then they expect us to be grateful”.  I coined this aphorism ten years ago, and have been repeating it at every opportunity, but … Continue reading

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