An Open Letter to Caroline Spelman

Caroline Spelman MP with a green birthday cake

Mrs. Caroline Spelman MP
Environment Secretary,
House of Commons

Dear Caroline,

I have read your reported comments warning that climate change could lead to the disruption of power supplies, with adverse consequences for our railways and other infrastructure.

But with great respect, the threat to our power supplies comes not from climate change (for which there is little evidence) but from the actions which the government is taking in its attempt to mitigate climate change.

Scheduled wind power capacity will not be built on time.  It will not deliver.  The required back-up conventional supplies will not be available on time, if at all.  Meantime the EU is requiring us to close perfectly good coal-fired power stations, and our nuclear fleet is being phased out.

May I appeal to you to address the real problem of generating capacity, not the entirely speculative problem of climate change.  We need more nuclear, coal and gas-fired power stations, and we need them soon.

With kind regards.


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3 Responses to An Open Letter to Caroline Spelman

  1. Malcolm Edward says:

    I despair at the absence of critical thought applied by our country’s leadership to the evidence for man-made climate change and then to the need, effectiveness and cost of the decisions on power generation and other mitigations they are making.
    If I were in a position where I had to make decisions of great consequence I would want to know that both the reasons for doing it were sound and the proposed method of mitigation was going to be effective and at least cost. We have the very reverse of this.
    Those in government have chosen to uncritically jump onto the green’s bandwagon despite the proven fraudulence of the climate change scare lobby (eg UEA emails, Al Gore’s hockey stick) and are foolishly playing the Left’s game of hampering economic activity in countries where there is freedom.
    Nearly two years ago (under New Labour) steel production at our efficient Redcar plant was closed down owing to the costs of carbon trading in Europe, and production was moved to India where somehow they get a subsidy of £30 a ton to produce steel – with no CO2 saving. I would like to see our government withdraw from ruinous schemes and for production and jobs to return to Redcar.
    I just hope that Caroline Spelman absorbs and acts upon what you say (ditto the rest of our government).

    • Sean O'Hare says:

      I just hope that Caroline Spelman absorbs and acts upon what you say (ditto the rest of our government).

      He that lives upon hope will die fasting. ~Benjamin Franklin

    • You’re right Malcolm. All the EU achieves is to move business and investment and jobs offshore to jurisdictions with lower environmental standards. It’s a lose-lose policy.

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