Climate Change comes to Cambridge!

Press officer Neelam Cartmell with famous Telegraph blogger James Delingpole at Downing College, Cambridge

A few weeks ago I received an invitation to attend a climate conference at Downing College, Cambridge, organised by Dr Alan Howard, mostly known for inventing the Cambridge diet and funding the construction of three rather beautiful buildings that now form part of the college in Cambridge.  Unfortunately I wasn’t available to attend as I was at the plenary session in Straz, but my Press Officer Neelam Cartmell paid a flying visit on my behalf to the University where I once studied Mathematics.

The event had attracted a number of high-profile speakers from the climate-sceptic world including Lord Nigel Lawson, the inimitable President of the Czech Republic, Vaclav Klaus and Australian Geologist Ian Plimer, who is the author of “Heaven and Earth – Global Warming: The Missing Science”, as well as Nils-Axel Morner, a world-renowned expert on sea level.  Meantime the Warmist side orthodoxy was represented by former MET office scientist Professor John Mitchell and UEA Professor Andrew Watson.

Neelam was especially impressed and amused by Professor Nils-Axel Morner’s energetic and humorous presentation on the myth of rising sea-levels. Prof Morner, who is the former head of the Paleogeophysics and Geodynamics department at Stockholm University, spent a considerable amount of time in the Maldives as part of the international sea level research project which he launched in 2000. There he discovered that the people of the Maldives have in the past survived a sea level about 50–60 cm higher than today’s, and there is evidence of a significant sea level fall in the last 30 years in the Indian Ocean area.

Another distinguished attendee at the conference was James Delingpole, who I have previously worked with on many occasions. James calls himself not climate sceptic but a “climate realist” realist and is a blogger for the Daily Telegraph.  His blog is compulsory reading — I especially like the way he describes himself modestly as “a writer, journalist and broadcaster who is right about everything. He is the author of numerous fantastically entertaining books….”.

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5 Responses to Climate Change comes to Cambridge!

  1. Climate Change Con....... says:

    Richard Lindzen :

    CO2 Regulation: The Essence of Immorality

    Richard Lindzen : American atmospheric physicist and Alfred P. Sloan Professor of Meteorology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Lindzen is known for his work in the dynamics of the middle atmosphere, atmospheric tides and ozone photochemistry. He has published more than 200 scientific papers and books.He was a lead author of Chapter 7, ‘Physical Climate Processes and Feedbacks,’ of the IPCC Third Assessment Report on climate change. He is a well known skeptic of global warming and critic of what he states are political pressures on climate scientists to conform to what he has called climate alarmism

  2. Climate Change Con....... says:

    Click to access NilsAxelMornerinterview.pdf

    Dr Nils Axel Morner :

    “Claim That Sea Level Is Rising Is a Total Fraud”

    And :

    Two peer reviewed scientific papers, by Dr Morner, showing that Maldives sea levels are not rising:

    Click to access MornerEtAl2004.pdf

    Evidence submitted to a Parliamentary Select Committee, by Dr Morner, showing that sea level is not rising:

  3. Climate Change Con....... says:

    Dr Nils Axel Morner :

  4. Climate Change Con....... says:

    Professor Will Happer : fellow of the American Physical Society and the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and a member of the National Academy of Sciences. He received a Alfred P. Sloan fellowship in 1966, an Alexander von Humboldt award in 1976, the Herbert P.Broida Prize in 1997, the Davisson-Germer prize and the Thomas Alva Edison patent award in 2000. In 2003 he was named the Cyrus Fogg Brackett Professor of Physics at Princeton University

  5. Hugh Davis says:

    Guardian headline Coalition commits Britain to legally binding emission cuts

    Chris Huhne will announce a long-term programme that will put Britain at the forefront of the battle against climate change.

    Roger, how can you remain a member of a political party that is about to consign Britain to the dustbin of history?

    The expression “crimes against humanity” comes to mind. Will Cameron and Huhne face an international court when the electricity “runs out” and thousands of our citizens die of hypothermia?

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