An open letter to David Lidington

Dear David,

EU/UN Observer status

Press reports are saying that the EU achieved super-observer status at the UN “after high-powered lobbying by Catherine Ashton and ambassadors from the 27-nation bloc”.

I am particularly concerned by reports that the UN motion was passed by 180 votes to nil, with Syria and Southern Rhodesia abstaining.  Did the UK vote in favour?  Was our Ambassador instructed accordingly, and by whom?

You will be aware of the serious concern amongst Conservatives, and indeed amongst UK citizens more generally, that increasingly powers are being passed to Brussels, and that the EU is assuming more of the rights and obligations traditionally associated with the nation state.

I should be grateful for your explanation of the circumstances and thinking surrounding this vote.


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6 Responses to An open letter to David Lidington

  1. Sue says:

    UN Resolution Symbol: A/RES/65/276
    Link To: العربية 中文 English Français Русский Español
    Meeting Symbol: A/65/PV.88
    Title: Participation of the European Union in the work of the United Nations : resolution / adopted by the General Assembly
    Related Document: A/65/L.64/Rev.1
    Vote Notes: RECORDED

    Voting Summary:
    Yes: 180, No: 0, Abstentions: 2, Non-Voting: 10, Total voting membership: 192
    Vote Date: 20110503
    Agenda Information:
    A/65/251 120 – Strengthening of the United Nations System. – UN SYSTEM–STRENGTHENING


    There you go Roger!

  2. I want to hear more about why Mr Helmer is opting to refer to Zimbabwe as Southern Rhodesia. One of the old schoolers who think Lady Thatcher betrayed loyal sons of the Empire and wishes Operation Quartz had been implemented?

    • Sean O'Hare says:

      The blame for Zimbabwe’s unenviable situation lies squarely at Harold Wilson’s door for refusing to grant independence to Ian Smith’s regime. Had he done so Mugabe would never have got into power and Southern Rhodesia would have been the richest country in Africa instead of the cesspit it has become.

    • I hate having familiar names changed. The locals can call it whatever they want, but I think of it as Southern Rhodesia. I was delighted when Leningrad reverted to the original name of St. Petersburg. Oh, and I also like Saigon beer.

  3. Alfred says:

    “Did the UK vote in favour?” R. Helmer May 14th. Of course it did.

    I have come to realise that the current Westminster political Elite have almost the same policies as the last, with some increasingly minor differences; that is pro EU, pro Stateism, pro large powerful international organisations. There is so little to differentiate the so called Labour, Conservative and Liberal Elites.

    The real, and increasing, divide is between these Elites and the people, not between the so called three main political parties.

    This is a situation that will blow up in the faces of the Elite, in the not too distant future, unless they wake up and smell the coffee. Please do your bit to shake them out of their complacency.

  4. FaustiesBlog says:

    Alfred, it’s called “continuity of agenda”. The globalists set the agenda and those who want power, follow it. Or else.

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