Supporting Hugh’s Fish Fight

Brux, May 31st: 677,631 people have signed Hugh's Fish Fight petition. Including me.

I’ve written elsewhere about the scandal of the EU’s Common Fisheries Policy, and the millions of tons of perfectly good fish thrown back dead into the North Sea because of the quota system.  But it took a TV personality to make a real connection with the public.  I’ve been happy to back Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall’s Great Fish Fight Campaign — as have 600,000+ people.

I was delighted when Hugh brought his campaign to the European parliament in Brussels, along with his ship-wreck — a perfect metaphor for the CFP.  Worth going out in the pouring rain to see.

Brux, May 31st: With Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall and his Fish Fight Campaign (in the rain).

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5 Responses to Supporting Hugh’s Fish Fight

  1. “You can’t ignore 67763 people.”

    It’s never stopped them before!

    I’ll be surprised if it makes any difference but good luck anyway. At least Fearnley Whittingstall is being converted to Euroscepticism which may help with the broader cause.

  2. EFTA not EU says:

    “Last updated: 01/02/2011 // 37 million meals of Norwegian seafood was served every day last year – most of them in the EU. Statistics from the Norwegian Seafood Export Council show that the value of seafood export from Norway increased by nine billion kroner, approximately 1.1 billion Euros, in 2010.

    – The export statistics from 2010 confirms that the EU continues to be the most important market for Norwegian seafood export, says Rune Dragset, Counsellor for Fisheries at the Norwegian Mission to the EU.”

    “Expects continued growth in the EU

    The seafood export value to France is 5.3 billion kroner, of which salmon amount to more than 80 percent. Measured by value, France is the largest market for Norwegian seafood export globally, followed by Russia and Poland.”

  3. EFTA not EU says:

    Outside the EU, Norway’s fisheries are a success story.

    “The Norwegian Seafood Export Council has reported a record high in pelagic fish exports in April 2011, with a 60% jump to NKr402m ($74m), compared to NKr160m ($29m) in April 2010.”

  4. EFTA not EU says:

    “Record-beating Norwegian exports of fish to Russia”

    In 2010, the exports of fish from Norway to Russia amounted to over 5 billion NOK. Norway exported 350,000 tons of fish.

  5. EU Hypocrisy says:

    Seafood Exports Continue Record Pace

    “For the seventh consecutive year, Norway has set new records in seafood exports. The country sold an unprecedented NOK 53.8 billion worth of fish and shellfish abroad in 2010. The numbers reveal the growing importance of China, the increasing dominance of aquaculture versus fishing, and a record pace of salmon exports.”

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