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Greece: No Hope at All

Brussels is rejoicing with unseemly relish at yesterday’s vote in the Greek parliament, approving the austerity plan.  But they rejoice too soon. Today the parliament will vote on implementation measures.  This too may go through.  But the big questions are: … Continue reading

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Amplitude Modulation: More exciting than you’d think

There was an important High Court Judgement on wind farm noise on May 25th this year which somehow slipped past my radar: I’ve just caught up with it. It’s likely to be a headache for wind turbine operators, but it may … Continue reading

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An Outdoor weekend

Saturday saw me at Braunston Marina for the annual Historic Narrow Boat Festival, at the invitation of organiser Tim Coghlan.  Braunston is near Daventry, and the same event in 2010 had also been attended by my former MEP colleague Chris … Continue reading

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The Hanged Man

It is an axiom of bien pensant opinion — à la BBC and Guardian — that capital punishment is always and everywhere a great evil, and that only ignorant, unreconstructed redneck fascists would support it.  If so, there must be … Continue reading

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MEPs put lunch before Climate Change

Vote on the Eickhout Report on emissions reductions postponed Last Thursday (June 23rd) in a mini-plenary session in Brussels, the European parliament was due to vote on a proposal to increase the EU’s 2020 emissions reduction target from 20% to … Continue reading

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Leicestershire Farmers and Heavy Metal

Last Wednesday I was delighted to host two constituents in Brussels.  They were James and Meriel Buxton, prominent members of the Countryside Alliance in Leicestershire, where they farm Dexter cattle, keep horses, and (of course) hunt. We took tea in … Continue reading

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Arc Manche: The thin end of the wedge

Some time ago I wrote a couple of blogs dealing with the trans-national Arc Manche region, which takes in both Kent and the Pas de Calais. One or two comments on my blog suggested that I was making … Continue reading

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