Bill Newton Dunn votes to scrap Britain’s EU rebate

East Midlands Lib-Dem MEP Bill Newton Dunn voted today in the European parliament in Strasbourg to scrap Britain’s EU rebate, negotiated by Margaret Thatcher at Fontainebleau in 1984.  In a voting session on the Garriga Polledo report on the EU’s Multi-Annual Financial Framework plan, he opposed an amendment to delete the words “calls for an ending of existing rebates, exceptions and correction mechanisms”.  This would of course include the British rebate, and would cost the UK around €3 billion a year.

The vote was carried, but of course this does not mean that we necessarily lose the rebate.  The parliamentary report will go to the Commission and Council, who will probably reverse the decision.  But it doesn’t seem very smart for a British MEP to vote against the rebate.

During the same voting session, Newton Dunn also supported the introduction of a Financial Transfer Tax, which is in effect a tax on the City of London.  He supported the creation of new EU “own resources” — or direct EU taxes.  He also voted to increase the EU budget by 5% — a suggestion opposed recently in a letter from heads of government in the UK, Germany, France, Netherlands and Finland.   On the basis that David Cameron’s signature was on behalf of the Coalition, Bill was effectively voting against his own party.

You won’t be surprised to hear that I voted against the budget increase, the new EU taxes, and the moves to scrap the rebate .    We know that Bill is an out-and-out Europhile, and that he is still dazzled by the European dream, despite all the problems it is creating for our economy and for our democracy.    But I am still  fairly shocked that he would vote for measures that would be directly damaging to the British economy, and to the constituents he is supposed to represent.

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5 Responses to Bill Newton Dunn votes to scrap Britain’s EU rebate

  1. James A. Hutchinson says:

    He , Newton Dunn , is a disgrace , but what do you expect from the ” sackcloth ‘n’ ashes ” Lib-Dems. They are determined from Clegg down to defy the Conservative element of the so-called coalition . They should be told in no uncertain terms that they are the junior partner and this is their one and only chance of being in government . If Cameron were to call an election the Lib – Dems would be annihilated . Roger , keep up the good work by voting against all these crazy Euro ideas and proposals . We look forward to the day when a British Prime Minister has the guts to put Europe before the British electorate in a referendum .

  2. Sean O'Hare says:

    We look forward to the day when a British Prime Minister has the guts to put Europe before the British electorate…

    Dear James, when I first read your comment I nearly choked as that is exactly what he has been doing. Having read the rest of the sentence I undestood your meaning.

    You say Newton Dung is a disgrace. I would go further and say he has committed treason. Even though Blair repealed the death penalty for treason a conviction should still get him locked up where he can do no further damage.

    • Sandra says:

      From my sparse dealings with Newton-Dunn I would say he is so secure in his position within the EU that he treats those that he reresents and pay him (us) with the utmost contempt.
      Treason is indeed an appropriate description of his behaviour if the man still in complete control of his senses.
      Maybe that day he was a bit bored and thought he would spice things up a bit. After all it’s not real money because it’s not all his!

      • “Maybe that day he was bored and thought he would spice things up a bit”. Would it were so, but (A) BND has no such sense of fun, and (B) he is absolutely and profoundly committed to the EU project on an ideological basis. He would argue that more spending on Brussels is an unalloyed benefit for those he represents. Whatever the problem, Bill’s solution is always “More Europe”.

  3. Heather Alibakir says:

    I agree with all the previous comments. What a disgrace.

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