Old people will die of cold

to save the world from Global Warming

Charles Moore in the Telegraph writes: “The other day, flying over the English Channel, I noticed offshore wind farms in the waters below.  They looked, with their rows of white crosses, like military cemeteries.  Mr. Blair and his successors are giving the British economy a burial at sea”.

Scottish power announces swingeing increases in electricity prices, and politicians try to blame the power companies, when the primary fault lies with our own “green” policies, which are adding £200 to the average domestic billChris Huhne, our Secretary of State for Energy & Climate Change, with extraordinary sophistry, urges electricity customers (that’s all of us) to shop around for cheaper prices — when he knows perfectly well that it’s his own policies which are pushing up prices across the board.  The idea that price competition between power companies can mitigate the damage that Huhne himself is doing is risible.  And offensive.

Expect a million more households to be driven into fuel poverty by 2020.  This is not just about slogans and political point-scoring.  It’s about pensioners forced to choose between heating and eating.  And many more will die of cold.

And it’s not just domestic bills.  The cost of energy, and the cat’s cradle of environmental legislation with which we’re tying up our industry, is driving energy-intensive businesses off-shore.  They may well move out of the EU entirely, to other jurisdictions with lower environmental standards.  But if you believe that CO2 causes global warming, then it’s just as bad to emit CO2 in India or China as in Ipswich or Chelmsford.

It’s a classic lose-lose situation.  The UK (and the EU) lose jobs, and production, and investment.  We in the UK make a mockery of all our talk of “re-balancing our economy towards manufacturing”.  And at the end of the day we do more, not less, environmental damage.

I feel that I’ve been banging my head against a brick wall on this issue for years.  But suddenly it’s become flavour of the month.  We have Lord Turnbull, former top civil servant, coming out strongly against the Green Agenda.  This last weekend we’ve had editorials in the Telegraph and the Mail, and op-ed pieces by Lord Lawson and Charles Moore, all condemning the huge economic damage that Huhne and his department are doing.

Perhaps most importantly, we’ve had the CBI waking up to the issue at last, and warning in plain terms that we’re driving manufacturing abroad.  And while Huhne will never listen, there are hints that perhaps George Osborne is starting to be exercised by the issue.  Let’s hope he is.

Meantime our energy security is under threat as never before.  We have half a dozen major coal-fired power plants being closed around 2015 by the EU’s Large Combustion Plant Directive.  We have most of our nuclear reactors scheduled for closure in the next ten years.  If Huhne were serious about getting 30% of our electricity from wind by 2020, he’d need a huge new investment into gas-fired power plants purely for back-up, when the wind stops blowing.  There’s no indication that he’s addressing this problem.

There are two things that the electorate will never forgive.  The first is massive hikes in domestic fuel bills, with dire social consequences.  And the second is the lights going out.  Huhne’s present policies make both these eventualities almost inevitable.

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9 Responses to Old people will die of cold

  1. Mike Spilligan says:

    I cannot understand why at least some MPs – but preferably a majority – are unable to do the simple arithmetic that’s required to understand why we are committing industrial suicide. They are as responsible as Huhne for this situation, and someone with some authority ought to be reminding them of that. With Huhne, once they finally understand, perhaps they can invoke the Victorian “Vacant Seats (Lunacy) Act” which I understand has never been revoked.
    About 18 months ago (when opinion polls were looking poor and getting worse) I wrote to my MP to point out that these issues could help the Conservatives have a clear differential in policies to the other main parties – but the weak response was (in essence) “We have to do what Cameron says”.

  2. Charles Wardrop says:

    Those who are sane but in favour of renewables (and/or the carbon scams) are either deluded or making money out of them.

    Where does that leave, for example, Huehne, Salmond or, indeed, Cameron, in your opinion?

  3. Climate Change Con....... says:

  4. Climate Change Con....... says:

  5. Climate Change Con....... says:

  6. John Wilkin says:

    I ‘m not sure I can see the similarity with a military cemetery in that photo. What it does look like though is a stacheldraht fence around a prison camp

  7. Kevin Joyce says:

    Chris Huhne uses sophistry? You are far too polite, Sir.

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