EU assurances overturned in weeks

On May 3rd, it was announced that the EU had achieved an enhanced status at the UN.  It had enjoyed observer status since 1974, but as a result of this new resolution it obtains, for the first time, speaking rights in the General Assembly.   And the new resolution had been co-sponsored by, inter alia, the British government.

We Conservative MEPs had already been whipped to vote in the European parliament in favour of the creation of an EU diplomatic service, the EU External Action Service.  Now we saw our Conservative-led government actively promoting the transfer of new diplomatic powers to Brussels.

Accordingly, I wrote to Foreign Secretary William Hague and Europe Minister David Lidington to express my concern.  I received a reply dated May 31st from Henry Bellingham MP, Minister for Africa, the UN, Overseas Territories and Conflict Issues.  I will quote his reply:

“The effect of the resolution is limited to the General Assembly, including committees etc.  It does not affect the rights or status of the EU or Member States in any other UN body or international organisation”. 

That was May 31st.  Today, June 20th, the Daily Express reports: “Lady Ashton and her EU foreign service have overridden British protests and enlarged their representation and speaking rights at the UN from just its New York general assembly to 61 other UN bodies, including the politically-sensitive human rights council”.

So much for the government’s reassurance that we needn’t worry, that the salami slice is really quite thin.  Surely we know by now that we offer an inch and the EU takes a mile?  Surely Hague and Lidington can see that the plan is progressively to replace EU member states at the UN with the EU institutions?  I never thought I’d say so, but it seems that Baroness Ashton has, for once, played a blinder, and made the Coalition’s EU policy ridiculous.  Lidington adds insult to injury by claiming that this is “just a technical change”.

This is a Conservative-led Coalition.   The Conservative Party’s policy, clearly set out in our 2010 Manifesto, was to start repatriating key powers from Brussels.  Instead, we are transferring new powers to the EU faster that the previous Labour administration did.  Eurosceptic Conservatives — who form the majority of the Party’s rank and file — are entitled to be appalled by the Coalition’s EU policies.

We are accustomed to reassurances that the latest Brussels power-grab is really quite limited, and we are accustomed to seeing such assurances overtaken by events, and shown to be worthless.  But surely we are not accustomed to seeing that happen in less than a month.


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5 Responses to EU assurances overturned in weeks

  1. scottspeig says:

    The EU is a parasite that slowly eats away at our nation’s sovereignty. Its time that politicians who agree to these sorts of things should be called what they are – Traitors.

    Why any Euro-sceptic MEP believes they can be part of the Europhile Conservative party is beyond me.

    A co-ordinated mass defection from Conservative to UKIP would bring a huge smile to my face and no doubt would bring much needed gravitas to the UKIP party.

  2. Peter Hulme Cross says:

    Well, Roger, I’m surprised you are surprised.

    The EU has always coveted a seat on the UN Security Council and now that it is officially a State thanks to the Lisbon Treaty it is taking the necessary steps to get there – that’s no surprise.
    David Cameron is the most Europhile Prime Minister since Edward Heath so the British Government is sponsoring this latest step – that’s no surprise.
    It’s obvious that the (presumably French) staff employed in Baroness Ashton’s office can run rings around our navel gazing Foreign Office staff whenever they like – that’s no surprise.
    Ministers tell lies – that’s no surprise.
    Once elected, Governments know that they can do what they want until another election is called and if that means they ignore inconvenient Manifesto commitments then so be it – that’s no surprise.
    And these supposedly Eurosceptic Conservatives just accept it all and do nothing – that’s no surprise either.

    Come on, Roger! You’ve been around for a while. You can’t be that surprised.

  3. Ealonian says:

    It appears that Henry Bellingham is the fall guy and that Liddington is at best being disingenuous that this cave-in can be described as a technical change. The reality is that most EU member countries will lose status as they won`t be individually represented by the EUSSR. About time “Conflict Issues” are faced up to by Europe Ministers!

  4. James A. Hutchinson says:

    I agree 100% with the comments made by ” scottspeig.” I would urge all MP’s and MEP’s of all parties who are opposed to the way that Britain is being remorselessly being integrated into the EU . David Cameron has reneged on virtually every promise made in his election manifesto , whether on Europe or at home and , I have believed for a long time that he is NOT a Conservative at all but a Liberal through and through . I would like to see all MP’s and MEP’s who believe that Britain should be an independent nation free of EU rule and interference , get together and form a new party ( if they fought shy of the UKIP banner ) that would withdraw from the corrupt EU .
    Let Cameron prove his worth by giving us the referendum on the EU he promised but don’t hold your breath !

  5. Alfred says:

    Like James A. Hutchinson, I agree with the above comments so “Why any Euro-sceptic MEP believes they can be part of the Europhile Conservative party is beyond me.” as well.

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