Let Them Eat Carbon

Sometimes there are good books.  And sometimes there are books that you really desperately wish you’d written yourself (though I doubt I’d have done it anything like so well).  Matthew Sinclair of the Taxpayers’ Alliance has written a book called “Let Them Eat Carbon”.  It’s not published until August 11th, but as I’ve been asked to submit a review by August 12th, the publisher has very kindly sent me a working draft, which I shall get stuck into over the weekend.  In the meantime, I have a press release from the publisher, Biteback Publishing, which I attach below to whet your appetite.  It includes quotes from Ruth Lea, Lord Lawsom, Chris Horner and others.

I shall report in more detail when I’ve finished the book!





Published 11 August 2011 • 240pp • Paperback • £9.99

Ordinary people are paying a ruinous price for the attempts politicians make to control greenhouse gas emissions. Climate change policies dramatically raise electricity bills; make it much more expensive to drive to work or fly on holiday; put manufacturing workers out of a job and sometimes even make your food more expensive.

Climate change is big business. Much of the money so-called green policies cost us goes straight into the pockets of a bewildering range of special interests. Around the world companies are making billions out of the schemes governments have put in place saying they will curb global warming and protect us from the threat of climate change. There is little evidence that those policies are an efficient way to cut emissions. They simply do not represent good value, and the public are right to be sceptical.

In Let Them Eat Carbon Matthew Sinclair looks at the myths perpetuated by the burgeoning climate change industry, examines the individual policies and the potentially disastrous targets being put into place by ambitious politicians, and proposes a more realistic alternative.

“This book offers a great insight into the increasingly important but poorly understood world of climate change policy. Anyone who wants to understand how they are affected, and what can be done about the gross failure and exorbitant cost of politicians’ attempts to curb greenhouse gas emissions, will find it invaluable.”

Lord Lawson, author of An Appeal to Reason

“It is level ground that when the state robs Peter to pay Paul it can count on Paul’s enthusiastic support. As Matthew Sinclair reveals in Let them eat carbon, nowhere is this more true than with the modern fashion of climatically meaningless, environmentally harmful and economically ruinous ‘green’ statism.

Sinclair explains not only how this scheming is so disastrous, but how it all must end (hint: badly). Deliciously, while also giving co-promoters Big Green a well-deserved outing, Sinclair also exposes an ugly truth: quite often, the entire enterprise was Paul’s idea to begin with.”

Chris Horner, Senior Fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute and Author of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming (and Environmentalism)

“Matthew Sinclair’s book combines real rigor in analysis of the costs and benefits of various proposals to address the problem of climate change, with an accessible and jargon-free presentation.”

Jim Manzi “Putting aside the scientific doubts about the theory that dangerous global warming is driven by manmade carbon dioxide emissions, it is absolutely vital that the people of this country are aware of the huge costs that are being incurred, and will be incurred, in pursuing Britain’s ambitious plans for decarbonising the economy. Plans, one might add, that will not be followed by much of the rest of the world. The switch to costly low-carbon, renewable sources of energy is already costing households and businesses dear. And it will get much dearer – further damaging people’s living standards and undermining business’s competitiveness.

A terrifically well-researched, well-argued and persuasive exposition of the huge economic and personal costs of our current energy policy. Read it. And heed it.”

Ruth Lea, Economic Adviser, Arbuthnot Banking Group; former Head of the Policy Unit, Institute of Directors

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5 Responses to Let Them Eat Carbon

  1. Heather Alibakir says:

    Does the book suggest what WE should do about it or how this message can be conveyed to those people whose sole interest in the Internet is to pump themselves up feed themselves with meaningless pap, or slag others off, without expecting to lift a finger themselves even to learn who and what they are voting for, if they bother to vote at all.

    Life is too difficult! I would like to go and live in a cave up a mountain. It would be easier to move that rather than the politicians (present company excepted) or the EU, or to change the fat headed ideas which are being foisted onto us for the sake of personal glory.

  2. Darren Glidden says:

    what i find shocking are the huge subsidies the fossil fuel industries enjoy, as an example, if BP had to pay all the costs of finding, extracting, refining, and distributing oil, that would cost them aproximately $50billion a year. they instead exterionise that cost to the taxpayers of the world, and that was before the disaster in the gulf of mexico!

    If that corporation actually ponied up the true costs of it’s business model, it would make a LOSS of $30 billon a year.
    or how about the airline industry, which aparently cannot survive without local, regional, national and international subsidies, tax breaks etc, all paid for through stealth taxes on people who can least afford it (the poverty line is now £15k a year because of stealth taxation & house price inflation)

    How about the real world consequences of staying dependent on fossil fuels, where i live will just about stay above the waves, but to the east of me is a huge agricultural zone called the isle of axholme – which would be drowned by even a conservative rise in sea level! where would our food come from then, especially when much of USA becomes a desert (1°c rise would see most of the great plains become desert, that happened in the past & has been confirmed by scientists)

    Zero carbon technologies also have the potential to make the whole world as prosperous as USA & Europe are now (GM, nanotech etc) WITHOUT COOKING THE PLANET AND DESTROYING THE FUTURE OF OUR CHILDREN…

    What would you prefer, only looking to the Fossil Fuel Industry’s next quarters subsidied profit margin while destroying our future?

    Ideologically hogtied fools continue to be in denial of course

    • Darren, you shouldn’t buy all this nonsense. There are no significant subsidies to the fossil fuel industry — compare PV feed-in tarriffs where the subsidy is three or four times the cost of conventional production! CO2 emissions have no significant effect on climate, global ice mass is broadly constant and sea level has actually been falling for the last two years (as NASA and European satellites confirm).

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