(Un)Employment Committee – 12th July 2011

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3 Responses to (Un)Employment Committee – 12th July 2011

  1. At this point, I wish to raise awareness of the relevance of access to degree qualifications in our universities. Far from being too difficult, the easy access (and gradually lower standards) of degrees has reduced their value. These days, so many job applicants have degrees – that the competition for vacancies is considerably more intense, than would otherwise be the case. The liberal elite continue to try and suggest, that it is somehow heartless, if a certain proportion of young people are not “enabled” to take degree courses. No. Such people need to acept the simple reality. At the end of the day, we need a “level playing field” – on which our universities can compete for applicants. Ability rather than poverty (or wealth), should always be the key factors in deciding who is accepted for a degree qualification.

  2. Quite so, Roger. However, there was simply no other corresponding post on this website. This seemed to be, the next most appropriate place (so to speak). Good to see, that nobody has disputed my actual comments here (thus far!). All the best!

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