Stony Standoff

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8 Responses to Stony Standoff

  1. Wilson Boardman says:

    At last someone speaking up for an oppressed minority!

  2. Heather Alibakir says:

    Well said Roger!

  3. Mike Spilligan says:

    Mention of Lansley reminds me of “Yes, Prime Minister” in which a crusading minister wanted to do all the things which are now in EU plans. That was almost 30 years ago – but we now know where EU policies come from.

  4. If we had a Conservative Government, their present leader would not agree with its libertarian policies, since he is clearly a (closet ) liberal.

    Whom would you suggest might be the most appropriate successor as leader, after Mr Cameron does the honourable thing by defecting?

  5. FaustiesBlog says:

    Good man, Mr Helmer!

  6. Another excellent speech, Roger!

  7. Charles Wardrop says:

    Then I suggest Mr John Redwood, Mr David Davis or Mr Boris Johnson, the last-named being most likely to command most popular support, but less predictable in policies.
    (Pity Ld Tebbit, or Mr Roger Helmer could perhaps not play major roles since they are so sound on policy)

    Anyway, a Conservative leader of the Tory Party is logical and should get better results than the present disappointments, threatening to continue our ruination.

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