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Extra drinks tax: The Lib-Dems just don’t get it

According to recent news reports, the Lib-Dems are proposing a new “per-drink surcharge” in pubs, to provide additional revenue to help local councils deal with “the extra costs of binge drinking” — street cleaning, policing and so on.  I recently … Continue reading

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66% of Tories would vote to leave the EU

A new YouGov poll shows a clear majority of voters in favour of leaving the EU: 52% want to leave, against only 30% who want to stay in.  Amongst Conservative voters, that ratio rises to 66 against 22 — a … Continue reading

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When it comes to taxpayer funded radicalism, the government can no longer be charitable

The government’s stand-off with the National Trust (of which I am a life member) and the Campaign for the Protection of Rural England (CPRE) over changes to planning rules threatens to embroil the Coalition in a protracted fight with two of the most respected charitable … Continue reading

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True Believers

It’s worth reading Garrison Keillor’s hilarious book “Lake Wobegone Days”, if only for the very perceptive chapter on the small protestant denomination in which he was raised.  I recognise the scenario, as I was raised in a rather similar one.  … Continue reading

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Come off it, Warren. Stop posturing

In a recent New York Times article (well it wouldn’t have been the Wall Street Journal, would it?), legendary US investor and financial guru Warren Buffett declared that the rich — like him — should be paying more tax, and … Continue reading

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Matthew d’Ancona on isolationism

Matthew d’Ancona is that splendid chap who writes for the Sunday Telegraph, and whose weekly column is compulsory reading.  I (almost) always agree with him.  But I was struck by a recent Tweet from him (thoughtfully re-Tweeted by Tim Montgomerie, … Continue reading

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There’ll be no growth with current energy policies

Everyone agrees that the recovery of the UK economy requires two elements: first, spending restraint.  Second, economic growth. George Osborne has won plaudits for his robust approach to spending restraint (even if we may quibble over the details).  But on … Continue reading

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