New Eurosceptic group in Westminster

Today, the new group of eurosceptic MPs from the 2010 intake, which is the initiative of Chris Heaton-Harris, George Eustace and Andrea Leadsom (Chris & Andrea from the East Midlands), will meet in Westminster.  As the country turns radically more sceptical on the EU, we need to open a new front in the campaign in Westminster, and I am delighted that this is now happening.

I have written to the three MPs as follows:

Dear Chris, 
I was delighted to hear about your new group at Westminster dedicated to rolling back the tide of EU integration, and I offer my heartfelt congratulations to you and your colleagues.  As you know from your own experience, many Conservative MEPs (and more MEPs throughout the new ECR Group) share your objectives, and support the concept of a looser, more flexible Europe based on free trade and voluntary inter-governmental cooperation.
I wish you every success in your new venture, and of course I should be delighted to offer you any help and support that you I can.  You will also have the support of the great majority of the Party.  As you will be aware, a recent YouGov poll showed that 66% of Conservative Party supporters would vote to leave the EU, against only 22% who would vote to stay in.
Again, congratulations, and best wishes to your new group.
Best regards,

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5 Responses to New Eurosceptic group in Westminster

  1. Andrew Shakespeare says:

    Douglas Carswell questions whether this is actually a front, got up by the whips, to divide and rule the party’s Eurosceptics. He fears that the party’s leadership may have created, in the style of a Chinese trade union, or a Soviet pacifist movement, an “official” opposition to hold meetings, discuss issues, hold democratic votes and issue statements urging the party leadership to do what it was planning to do anyway.

    He asks (pertinently, I think), “If this new [mainstream] Eurosceptic group opposes a referendum on the outcome of any new deal, in what sense is this new Eurosceptic group either new or Eurosceptic? With most voters now wanting a referendum, how would it be mainstream?”

    • I have heard all these concerns. But I know and trust Chris Heaton-Harris. Let’s give them the benefit of the doubt while we see how the project shapes up.

      • Andrew Shakespeare says:

        I was very pleased to read Mark Pritchard’s comment in the Telegraph this morning. It does indeed seem these MP’s are no whip’s patsies.

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  3. Peter Hulme Cross says:

    Is this the Conservative Party trying to convince us it has gone all Eurosceptic now??
    Perhaps they are trying to round up the Eurosceptic vote in preparation for the next election?

    Or is it just some inexperienced but enthusiastic new MPs wanting to feel they are doing something useful and making a difference??
    How many of them have actually read the Treaties – Rome, Maastricht, etc. – I wonder. If so, how much do they really think they are going to achieve??

    No doubt the results will speak for themselves in due course, if there are any. We shall see.

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