Independent schools

A quick comment (which is just a bit too long for a Tweet) on the recent court case!

The Charities Commission under the leadership of the dreaded Suzi Leather has sought to impose onerous “public benefit” criteria on independent schools who wish to enjoy charitable status.  Whatever her stated reasons, this looks all too much like a left/liberal attack on private education generally, and would have imposed very heavy additional costs on schools.

As a result of the legal action, it seems that schools will have much more discretion as to how they satisfy the public benefit criterion.

But I can’t see why they have to jump through hoops and offer widespread scholarships and bursaries at all.  It seems to me that every child educated privately in a fee-paying school has saved the public purse five or six thousands pounds a year.  If that’s not a public benefit for all taxpayers, then I don’t know what is.

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3 Responses to Independent schools

  1. I have been in a group of concerned local parents trying to start up a free school here in Wisbech where the Comprehensive has a disastrous habit of churning out illiterate, innumerate teenagers who are pretty well unemployable.
    1% pass in the bacc. 23% pass in GCSE. Think about it – no chance of a decent university: little chance of any real qualifications either.
    Guess what? The government has poured in £25,000,000 (at least) on BSF and now it looks like what it is – a factory. The DfE has also forbidden our Free School on several fairly frivolous grounds.
    I am pretty pleased really because it would have been a DfE school anyway, run inefficiently from London instead of a truly free Swedish type school run with enormous care and concern from Wisbech by an established company with shareholders.

    Oh, by the way, for £10,000 p.a. per child, you can get into the Grammar School with a virtually 100% pass rate.

    Hope: The Public Schools have got their act together. So long as they are allowed to get on with it, they will continue to provide some of the very best education in the world.

    IF we could get vouchers for every parent, if we could get some real freedom, if we could keep people like Dame Suzie Leather out of something which she really does not understand, then perhaps – a big perhaps – things might, as the old song has it, get better as the Independent Schools and Independent organisations move into the State chaos.

    Meanwhile, the Liberal Establishment Experts have the floor.

    Oh- and where do their children go to school?

    • Brompton Oratory, mostly, I think! I agree all the way, Mike, except that I think that Gove’s initiative does move things in the right direction — even if you’ve had problems with it.

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