Open Letter to Kathleen Van Brempt MEP (PSE, Belgium)

Dear Kathleen,

I just saw you on BBC World News.  You said “No one foresaw the crisis in the eurozone”.  This is astonishing.  Critics of monetary union in the UK were predicting exactly this kind of crisis as long as twelve or fifteen years ago.  Former Chancellor of the Exchequer Lord Lawson was very explicit in his warnings.

If I may say so, I too was saying much the same thing.

Failure was designed in to the euro.  A single monetary policy could never work for so many diverse economies.

You also called for “democracy at the European level”.  But democracy requires a “demos“, a people who (as Enoch Powell said) “share enough in common in terms of language, culture, history and economic interests that they are prepared to accept governance at each others’ hands”.  No such demos exists in Europe.  The common public opinion necessary for representative government does not exist.   “Democracy at the European level” is a fraud and a sham.

Best regards.


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7 Responses to Open Letter to Kathleen Van Brempt MEP (PSE, Belgium)

  1. You are right. She is wrong. It is all there in Christopher Booker’s “The Great Deception”.

  2. maureen gannon says:

    Well said Roger , but here comes the BUT rather than a letter could she not have been addressed verbally in the parliament.

    Can you at the same time as reading this answer me a question. the silencer put on ex MEP,s after leaving as a member am I correct in believing that pension rights are tied in with the proviso that on their departure, they will lose that pension if they speak out against that fraudelent body? and would this apply to the one pulling the strings in the coalition MMr Clegg.

    • Thanks Maureen. First of all, an open letter is easier to blog! Secondly, there’s simply no way one can get up in the middle of a plenary session to address an individual MEP on some issue irrelevant to the business of the day. Going to see her on a matter like this would have been downright eccentric.

      Meantime there is absolutely no truth in the urban myth that MEPs’ pensions depend on toeing some particular line. This does apply to ex-Commissioners — though they never declare an interest when speaking in the House of Lords.

      • matthu says:

        Roger – That last illumination of yours about ex-Commissioners in the House of Lords is scandalous. Is there not a means of challenging their non-declaration of interest? Or do they not regard this as being a declarable interest?

        It seems to me that this is a very personal, tangible benefit that thay are protecting.

      • maureen gannon says:

        Thanks Roger that has sorted out for me about the silencer and non declaration, it was when the Kinnocks and other Liebor Lords voted something concerning Europe down [ cant remember exactly what the bill was } and a friend told me about the loss of pension, I found it hard to believe but you have confirmed it. Thank You

  3. Heather Alibakir says:

    Too true that there is no glue in the EU. Ancient animosities still fester: e.g the way that Nicolas Sarkozy is sticking pins in his model of a British person as I write

    Has anyone else noticed how he is trying to peck away at our image and make us look pathetic at every opportunity? He can’t stand David Cameron:too honest and down to earth for him and his multi-million lifestyle.

  4. Mike Spilligan says:

    There was an example of this “at home” recently. Nick Clegg (yes, him again) at the LibDem party conference, “No one could have foreseen what’s happened to the euro …..”, and of course, no one contradicted him. I must have read a score and more of convincing critiques of the euro ideology and principles over the last decade or so and I do wonder why a full time politician and party leader hadn’t seen any.

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