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Confusion reigns at the FCO

Conservative Party members often write to Europe Minister David Lidington, or to William Hague, or the Prime Minister, to express their concern about our continued membership of the EU.  They are often taken aback by the almost surreally naïve responses … Continue reading

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Minimum alcohol pricing: I hate it!

When I saw Cameron’s latest wheeze to crack down on binge drinking — minimum alcohol pricing — I instinctively hated it.  I hate higher taxes.  I hate the Nanny State.  I hate social engineering.  Of course I know that I … Continue reading

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Camborne is wrong on the eurozone

Cameron and Osborne have a clear line on the eurozone.  While they think the €uro was a misguided venture, and they don’t want to join — ever — the argument goes that a disorderly breakdown of the €uro would be … Continue reading

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One Fact: Two Interpretations

I picked up an incoming Tweet this morning from my good friend and colleague Dan Hannan MEP.  It reads: “Denis MacShane told me, didactically, that we sell more to Belgium than Brazil. That, Denis, is precisely our problem.” Dan makes … Continue reading

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Human Rights — or Free Speech?

The Armenian Genocide (as it is known) took place in 1915, ninety-six years ago.  But the circumstances, and indeed whether it was in fact an act of genocide, remain hotly disputed, and arouse great passions on both sides of the … Continue reading

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The EU Parliamentarium: a Metaphor

A couple of days back I received an e-mail from Jonathan Isaby, formerly a luminary of the Daily Telegraph and Conservative Home, but now with that excellent operation Tax Payers’ Alliance (what a CV — Jonathan is a sound man).  … Continue reading

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A Christmas Carol

I wrote recently about the reported replacement of “Grumpy Old Men” by “New Golden Agers”, and remarked that as a conservative, I felt no urge to stop being a grumpy old man. To justify the appellation, and to add a festive note … Continue reading

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