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Watermelons: Delingpole on Climate

The infuriating thing about James Delingpole is not that he claims, with his usual self-deprecating charm, to be “the journalist who is always right about everything”, but that, for the most part, he really is always right about everything. I’ve … Continue reading

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What to make of the Bishops?

There was a time, sadly long gone, when the Church of England could be described as “the Conservative Party at prayer”.  These days, “the Fabian Society at prayer” might be more accurate. I have crossed swords in the past with … Continue reading

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Speaking at the Employment Committee – 26 January 2012

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The EU: Reinforcing failure…

…and throwing good money after bad I’ve just spent an unedifying hour in the Unemployment Committee.  With the EU’s manic six-month rotating presidency, we’re treated twice a year to the prospect of seeing the relevant ministers from the country holding … Continue reading

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Fuel-Cell vehicle: the test drive

After the recent European Energy Forum dinner-debate on fuel-cells,   I was invited to take a test-drive in an experimental fuel-cell car, an adapted Hyundai (from Korea, where I spent four happy years in an earlier life). The project is funded … Continue reading

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No, Vince, No

A mansion tax is not a good idea! So often in politics we go for the easy, popular option — the idea guaranteed to deliver a few good headlines — rather than the right option, which may well be a … Continue reading

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Naseby Battlefield wind farm:

Official contempt for the public On January 9th I wrote a piece about the proposed wind-farm overlooking the historic battlefield of Naseby, and I undertook to write to the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, The Rt. Hon. … Continue reading

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