Speaking at the Employment Committee – 26 January 2012

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7 Responses to Speaking at the Employment Committee – 26 January 2012

  1. maureen gannon says:

    Roger the more I see and hear, the more it exposes our leader Mr Chamelon for what he really is, a lover of the fraudulent body that is the U.S.S.E , remember his speech at the begining of his term in office, how he wanted this army of volounteers up and down the country to unite broken Britain, to me it showed how little he knew of the real world , when half the people working in our high streets are volounteers in the charity shops that are now the mainstay of said high streets.

    Surely Roger the idea is to have people moved around to change the demographic landscape of Europe so that people think European instead of their own nationalality, this is what bLiar started in this country , and why to be English is to be racist , you can be anything else in Britain but England is the one that had to be nuetered, and why the tobin tax must destroy London.

    Well done on your statement, was there a response from any of all those empty chairs?

  2. Faustiesblog says:

    It badly needed to be said, Mr H. Well done.
    What was the reaction to your speech, within those four walls?

  3. Andrew Shakespeare says:

    Couldn’t agree more, Roger. I’ll bet none of them take a blind bit of notice though.

    I’ve never heard of the European Skills Passport either, nor do I remember a time when the thought of volunteering in Oslo ever entered my head.

  4. Gary Rickard says:

    Is it too much to ask of EU politicians that they simply stop doing daft things ?

    They are like shoppers in the january sales that can’t help buying bargains they don’t need with money they haven’t got.

    • I’ve been asking them to stop doing daft things for years. Take the €uro: they all want to do MORE things. Yet the best solution would be to UNDO many of the things they’ve already done. Many MEPs are busy having undergrauate-level debates while the EU project falls apart around them.

  5. John Hudson says:

    Good points made Rodger.
    Does the EU intend to create a “Year of Funny Walks”?

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