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Croatia votes for a noose

Croatia is a delightful country with wonderful beaches on its Adriatic coast-line, and historic cities like Dubrovnik and Split.  A popular tourist destination, it has a place in European history, and claims to have invented the neck-tie. I have spent … Continue reading

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Fool Cells?

I recently wrote a piece about hydrogen fuel cells, and I happened to send a copy to my brother-in-law Oliver Winterbottom, now retired, but formerly an automotive engineer and designer.  He started his career many years ago with Jaguar, and … Continue reading

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Why Warsi is wrong on Rupert

  I’ve just returned from a week in the European parliament in Strasbourg, where Rupert Matthews was a guest of the Conservative delegation.  But while the delegation made Rupert welcome in Strasbourg, Central Office has not had a lot to … Continue reading

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The answer to wind power intermittency? Maybe not!

One of the things I’ve enjoyed hugely during my years in the parliament has been the European Energy Forum (EEF), organised by my good colleague Giles Chichester MEP (SW).  EEF arranges dinner-debate events, where I’ve learned a great deal about … Continue reading

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Shock report: Wind Farms do not reduce emissions!

Wind turbines are expensive, unsightly, noisy and damaging to health.  But Chris Huhne tells us we need them to reduce emissions and prevent global warming. Now a new report shows that the turbines fail even on that rather suspect objective.  … Continue reading

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Diana Wallis throws her toys out of her pram

Diana Wallis, who failed just this week in her bid to become the new President of the European parliament, has thrown her toys out of her pram — or at least (I understand on good authority) has resigned.  Unlike me, … Continue reading

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Decision time on the EU

The first big question on the Coalition’s EU policy: is Cameron frustrated by the constraints of coalition with the euro-fanatic Lib-Dems?  Or is he secretly delighted that Nick Clegg offers the perfect excuse for putting all that difficult re-negotiation stuff … Continue reading

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