Now available: My new DVD

Hot from the printer (or is it “burner”?), I have my new DVD, with a lot of lively stuff on Europe, on climate, and on a range of other issues.  Copies are being sent to constituencies across the East Midlands: ask your constituency office for a (free) copy, or e-mail me (with your street address for mailing) requesting a copy (available while stocks last).

It opens with a five-minute bio-piece put together by the ECR group, including footage from Brussels and (believe it or not) Windsor.  Then there’s my rather lively speech at the European parliament offices in Smith Square, London (formerly Conservative Central Office), including a cameo appearance from Rupert Matthews, at the launch of my recent book “Sceptic at Large”.

We have a pre-Cancun climate debate in Brux against Environment Commissioner Connie Hedegaard, with some very robust exchanges, and another chaired by Andrew Neil against some highly forgettable Lib-Dem MP on the proposal to increase our CO2 emissions target from 20% reduction to 30%.

There’s a BBC interview for the East Midlands Politics Show on the Bombardier rolling stock order (partly filmed in my back-yard), and another with Russian Television (honest) filmed entirely in a studio.  Plus a number of interventions I’ve made from time to time in committee and in plenary.  If you prefer soap operas and TV dramas, you’ll probably be bored to tears.  If on the other hand you’re concerned about the independence of our country and the viability of our energy supplies, it may be of interest.

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9 Responses to Now available: My new DVD

  1. Axel says:

    Upload it to YouTube, or Blip, or Viddler, or whatever is your favourite Media Content server.
    Rip it to DivX or Xvid first so as it is smaller than the original DVD filesize and will upload quicker,
    or convert it to Flash Video first and upload it faster still. Even if you personally don’t know how, then I am sure you know a teenage relative who can do the necessary.

  2. leg says:

    Jesus helmer, who uses CD anymore? If the DVD is free then it makes more sense to make it available for download online, the savings are obvious.

  3. Thanks guys. I do indeed put short clips on YouTube, but I was advised not to use it for an hour’s programme. I’ll make some more enquiries.

    • Axel says:

      Who on earth advised you of that ?
      Anyway YouTube isn’t the only streaming
      video service as I have stated previously.

      See all the hundreds of videos, over an hour long,
      published on YouTube by commercial TV Companies.
      See all the videos that Alex Jones has published on YouTube,
      many of them are even over two hours long. See numerous examples
      of such very long videos at the website of the FraudulentClimate, linked
      to the name “Axel”. This is what we have specialised in demostrating
      since our inception. Long Feature length esoteric and arcane videos,
      especially on the subjects of climate change, climate change fraud,
      one world government, agenda21, EU & UN bunkum and hokum,
      weather modification, financial finagling, political frauds, and
      of course, scientific misconduct. Hundreds of videos ……

      Ahem including these Gems ….
      “Roger Helmer MEP – Straight Talking on Climate Change” – 29 minutes
      “Sceptic at Large: Lifting the Lid on the European Union – Roger Helmer” – 63 minutes

  4. James Welbourn says:

    Commercial companies were allowed to publish longer Youtube videos than others, and of course I assume Roger wants to embed it on his blog which also limits the services which can be used as this looks like a wordpress blog which I don’t believe does support all services.

    As to the point previously about who used DVDs these days …. err thousands of people who still have limited access to the internet. Great to be able to stream a video – have you lived in rural England? Heard of something called the digital divide. How I would love for speeds over 1MB!

    • Axel says:

      “wordpress blog which I don’t believe does support all services.” ???

      But WordPress does indeed support YouTube ….. Like this for example :

      • James Welbourn says:

        Yes indeed it does – but ordinary users cannot put videos of any length onto Youtube – there are time limits to the length of the video for private users.

      • Axel says:

        Ok I accept that for the moment only a few video services can have their players directly embedded in a wordpress blog, but of course a direct HTML link to a URL is possible.

        Still there are many FREE services which do not restrict the length of video which you are allowed to upload, including Blip, Daily Motion, Ustream, JustinTV, VuReel, DivXden, MovDivX and many many others. There are even services where you can upload videos, without signing up at all, such as putlocker or zalaa (both have a built-in player like youtube). If a video was first converted to an MP4 and then uploaded to either putlocker or zalaa for instance, then not only could it be played streaming in the built-in applet, it could also be downloaded and played in an iPad or other portable device. That’s without even mentioning the plethora of “File Dropboxes” that are out there. An MP4 coded video of about an hours length at a reasonable bitrate, might be around 130 MB or less.

        This is not an exhaustive list, or even a tutorial on how to do it. Just pointing out that there are very many options these days to upload/download, and stream videos, without being hidebound by the “rules” of YouTube, and WordPress, or whoever.

  5. Gary Rickard says:

    Now that Britain has ordered four new Royal Fleet Auxiliary replenishment ships from Daewoo of Korea, you might need a new chapter Roger.

    This order must count as the work of an idiot in a stupidity contest when British ship yards need all the work they can get.

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